This year at MWC last month, HTC introduced its new range of “One” Android smartphones to the world which called to be HTC One S, One X, and One V and now it seems those three awesome devices will go for sale in the Europe next week. This news came straight from the guys over […]

Apple has started rolling out an updated version of iTunes 10.6, after getting complaints raised by the users about the previous one iTunes crashing in random situations. Well in San Francisco, Apple released iTunes 10.6 after the new iPad media event, which then discovered and introduced a number of bugs which becaome usually when users […]

Here’s the Kickstarters project aiming to raise $10,000 to its Taposé app for iPad inspired by Microsoft’s 2008/2009 Courier journal concept and wanted to recreate the discussed features for the iPad and possibly other tablets through the creation of a dedicated app. Actually, the said Microsoft Courier tablet concept was never made its way into production, […]

Well as you heard some rumors about the next-gen iOS smartphone is widely expected to feature 4G LTE networking similar to newly released new iPad. Reports say, Sprint will be able to offer selling the highly anticipated and well rumored next iPhone (iPhone 5) or the new iPhone with 4G LTE connectivity. Rumors say several […]