The first and only device to sport the latest iteration of Google was the Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which has now became more popular and a wanted mobile operating system for several other Android-based smartphones. Since its launch, many handsets have been tasting the Ice Cream Sandwich by installing on their […]

As you know Apple has released the first version of its Developer Preview of the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) a month ago, today it seeded the third Developer Preview with the build 12A178q only for those who paying subscribers of Apple’s Mac Developer program. This build comes as 12A178q which includes various bug […]

Todays tweet gives us an idea of the prominent iOS security researcher and a legendary hacker has led to speculation that a new jailbreak for iOS 5.1 is in the corner, though there has yet to be any news as to when the release will take place. Pod2g has announced that the Chronic Dev-Team now […]

Before the story started all the US iPhone users would find it hard to turn down a free unlock and change their network provider. Last week when their carrier began to offer them voluntarily and without charge – a doubt may arise if one is forced to surrender a jailbreak in the process (either tethered […]

As the Cloud computing giving the services to the mobile users to store the information of contact list, album of photos, and inbox full of messages, now the similar new Dropbox is in availability to backup, restore, sync, share and access files at any point of time from anywhere on the earth if you got […]

Like Dropbox, cloud storage services have been no doubt become more popular. Both Microsoft and Apple are involved in the space in some form, well on top of highly successful startups entirely dedicated to providing such services. Apart this, since 2010, there have been rumors that Google was planning to launch a cloud storage service, […]

Microsoft following much rumored and speculation has just announced the final Windows 8 SKUs, as well as reaffirm that Windows 8 is the official, final name of the upcoming OS. Microsoft Communications Manager Brandon LeBlanc has finally given us our first official information about three product editions for Windows 8. This would be the original […]

Apple has announced that its third-generation of its tablet range, the “New iPad” they called it will be heading over to 12 new countries this Friday. This Retina display sporting 3rd-gen iPad will hit 9 more followed by the next Friday launch. On April 20, the new iPad (here’s what it looks like under a […]