There are many confusing topics and rumors about the fruit company’s tablet computer will be called iPad HD, rather than iPad 3, according to the developer with inside knowledge about today’s launch. iPad 2S came to scene but didn’t get much voice. While the Accessory companies such as Griffin which make cases and other add-ons […]

Are you an Android user? No! no problem, wish have read this latest update on the new cloud service  made by search giant called “Google Play”. What is Google Play? Find out all that you haven’t aware of. Details after the jump! Google has taken a step toward unifying its digital media service, Google today […]

Reprts from ChronicWire said that the Gold Master build of Apple’s soon-to-be-announced iOS 5.1 has appsed the extensive quality testing done by Apple and its carrier partners, passed the quality assurance tests, now ready for the end-user. The source note the build number of iOS 5.1 Gold Master to be 9B176, when compared to other […]