What would be one the best features of the updated Xbox Live experience? Are you a friend or follower? In the world of the Xbox One, although, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has uploaded a brief demonstration of the Xbox One Friends app. Xbox Live was being building an accurate and amazing community since it first […]

As consumers still waiting for the highly-anticipated iPad 5 announcement with a new design, even Apple hasn’t got a chance to unveil its fifth-generation iPad. Now that, yet another beaking news surfaced with some information regarding the Retina display. iPad 6 comes to the scene to acquire all the credits set up for the iPad […]

Started by Samsung with “Galaxy Round “bended and unbreakable” smartphone a few days ago and now, it’s time for LG Electronics who admits that this design is already in production, and apparently working on producing a curved smartphone. LG G Flex press photos leaked, showing up the top to bottom curved display and the device […]

CyanogenMod is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for Android currently, which is an open-source firmware for smartphones and tablet PCs based on Android mobile operating system. Now that, a new custom Android ROM is being built in the form of OmniROM by a team of well-known Android-based custom ROM developers to fill […]

WhatsApp is considered the most popular cross-platform instant messaging services either for smartphones or for desktop operating systems, same as Viber on your Android, iOS handsets you can easily send and recive both messages and voice calls. Now, here is yet another app entered into the party with the same abilities called it the “LINE”, […]

Rumored in the past saying that HTC is planning to announce a smartphone-cum-tablet (phablet), so called it the “HTC One Max”, leaked several times in the last few weeks. Like the Nokia Lumia 1520 getting leaked out many times, but not sa much as the HTC’s 5.9-inch device. A new rumor surfaced revealing that HTC’s […]