Similar to the Google Chrome, now a days Mozilla opting to release newer versions of its popular browser at the sparkling speed, it’s didn’t surprise me to see version 12 being released today. Yes! 5 weeks back Firefox 11 dropped for Windows, Mac and Linux. This Firefox 12, as new enhancements include updates to the […]

A gift from the legendary jailbreakers and unlockers have been pushed for those who are eagerly waiting for the news to cheer about as the cat and mouse game with Apple and the networks becomes more and more difficult for those involved in producing jailbreaks and iPhone unlocks. When a new iOS firmware releases, then […]

Here’s some of the specifications and pricing details about the first Asus G-Series 15.6-inch gaming laptop model “G55VW-DS71″ which sport an entry level quad-core i7-3610QM Ivy Bridge processor, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5 video card, and a $1,475 price. While the configuration of the G55VW-DS71 is now available for pre-order that will be […]

What would you get with the latest system update for your Nintendo 3DS? Now you can record 3D video up to 10 minutes of glasses-free 3D video using Nintendo’s 3DS camera and not only that this new upgrade also brought some folders and many more. Details after this jump! In addition to launching a new […]

As the pioneers in such technology, Siri, Apple’s system-wide voice recognition software which was landed with the iPhone 4S appreciated by most of the mobile users. As usually now many of the third-party apps coming with same offer. One among them, the Voice Answer app is offering the similar services and it works for all […]

While the Sony Xperia S has gone up for retail in the UK for some time, without its smaller cousins “Xperia P and Xperia U” haven’t landed yet in stores. Sony continues its solo adventure in the mobile market as its rolls out other, both Xperia range devices now set to become available in the […]

Here comes the awaiting news that the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S III heading closer, Amazon Germany has already started accepting pre-orders of the SGS3 handset and with no display of any smartphone images, the price and features unveiled are – given Amazon’s rep as an online retailer as confirmation. Yes 2 days ago a […]

If you are an internet user, you may heard of Pinterest. It is an online website, it allows us to share photos, videos and objects in a pinboard-style format. Especially for Photographers and illustrators as well as graphic designers, Pinterest is one online social website allowing all to share their hardwork and becoming one of […]

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