Now a days many mobile smartphones and tablets seams to have a very flashy operating systems with a lot of consumers having their favorite one and choosing to stick to hardware which is powered bt their chosen OS. While Apple’s fans use iOS on their iPhone and iPad devices only, but when talking about Android […]

Ciao, here I would like to tell you about the lowest price of Android phones. Android Market is the online software store developed by Google for Android devices.However a quick look at the list of Android phones available in India will immediately answer the question. On 26th February 2012 a list was updated for more […]

An emancipated 50 Giga Bites of cloud storage has been offered by Box to the Android Users. A new version of app with prodigious offer of box was just released. So that all the Android users can benefit 50GB of free cloud storage which was offered by the Box. Great! Android users can easily work […]

A Notification Center was introduced with the iOS 5 firmware last year, which brought many useful banners for all the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. The iOS Notification center can be fixed with some banners like iMessages, Phone Call alerts, WiFi, and many more such as Weather reports, stock exchange and so on. Most […]

Here comes a new jailbreak tweak that will be adding some little icons and symbols to everything you write through the iOS Software keyboard. PictoKeyboard is another Cydia tweak that makes your iPad or iPhone keyboard easier and better than ever to insert unicode symbols – such as this one, , for expample – into […]

As spotted in pre-MWC ads, more evidence points to a big reveal on Sunday, the Samsung to unveil its next Galaxy Note 10.1″ tablet. You, we already heard about the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch and the Galaxy Note, but not yet about Galaxy Note 10.1-inch tablet, which would be a new rumor. A few weeks […]