Packaging Reveals Rumored Budget “iPhone 5C” Name That Shows Up Online

Apple is speculated to launch an low-cost iPhone – dubbed the budget iPhone and now with this image that claimed Budget ‘iPhone 5C’ packaging shows up the name of the device online. Budget oriented iPhone release is expected later this year, possibly alongside the more expensive iPhone 5S. In fact, Apple will indeed bring two new iPhone models to the market around September or October time, but the rumor-mill is still working on as the details surfaced.

The latest news that catches our mind is the name for the unannounced iPhone – the iPhone 5C. The alleged packaging of this new iPhone was posted on the WeiPhone forum in China on July 27th. That appears to show the packaging that the new budget iPhone 5S will ship in. Or else!


A new photograph which leaked online from the Chinese website shows up the white rear shell of what it appears to be an iPhone box, with the moniker ‘iPhone 5C’ emblazoned upon it. The latest is plastic packaging for an iPhone 5C. Popular speculation suggests that this ‘C’ could stand for ‘Color,’ a nod to the fact that Apple’s supposedly budget smartphone will be available in different color ranges such as blue or red.


Although it’s authenticity is unclear as it could just be a photo of knockoffs in production and the packaging does seem larger than that of Apple’s recent devices. While the box itself closely resembles the boxes that iPod touches ship in. Makes sense that the Cupertino company is trying to market the devices using the color variant as a major point. Making it easier for potential consumers to see the color options available and choose their best and would sound to be a marketing strategy.

Leaked packaging of iPhone 5C?
Leaked packaging of iPhone 5C?

If the next to be called the iPhone 5C, which has been showing in the leaked photos for some time now. The handset with a plastic shell is going to be greated towards the more budget conscious customer. Appeals to those who want their new iPhones to be a little brighter than average. I like the bright blue iPhone attached to my ears. Just kidding!

The iPhone 5C is the name of Apple’s low-cost iPhone smartphone model, which is made substantially from plastic, a cross between an iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G and iPod classic, having a 4-inch screen and a back similar to fifth-gen iPod touch and the shape similar to the iPod classic.