Organize iOS Apps By Actions Rather Than Categories

Are you an Apple device owner and want to arrange iOS apps into one folder? Then, this tip will surely help you if you have bunch of apps on your iPhone or iPad. Organizing iOS apps, means rearranging the iPhone apps and iPad tweaks into a box on your home screen. How were you able to organize applications and what’s the esaiest way, stay tuned. Details after this Jump!

Better to organize apps on iOS device by their actions (or by verbs), instead of arranging by category wise. However, you will have to do this manually by simply moving apps around and renaming or creating seperate folders by yourself, which is the best way and easier to find things based on what they help you to do rather than some rough categorization that confuce your mind.

In the similar way apart from iOS, you can also do this arrangements on your OS X Lion’s LaunchPad, the larger Mac screens and optional nature of Launchpad seem to make folders much less necessary there.

This is a simple tip from the OSXDaily, that i got, when i was searching for how to organize iOS apps on my iPhone 4 Apple’s device. Thank’s to them!

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