What Is OpenJailbreak? Is It An Untethered iOS 7 Jailbreak?

No, it’s not a jailbreak tool but a community where tools are maintained to sustain jailbreaking, and if you’re a jailbreak group and belive your way around the world of coding, then you’re pretty interested to know about this new website “OpenJailbreak.org“. Now open to everyone as an open source jailbreak repository. Aims to make the collaboration of jailbreak creators an easier process than it previously was.

OpenJailbreak.org is the brainchild of popular and indeed bountiful jailbreak creator Joshua Hill. Pretty much known as P0sixninja, Hill was been responsible for many a jailbreak over the years, and the man himself is now once again trying to make the jailbreak community into something much more adherence than it has been in the past.

The OpenJailbreak site now live to all and currently contains a variety of libraries that were supposed to use to create jailbreak and other progressions. Speaking at today’s WWJC event, Hill himself explained that he believes that there are five different types of jailbreak users; average users, fanboys/girls, developers, security researchers and jailbreak creators. OpenJailbreak is a project and the OpenJailbreak.org is aimed at the last three, where anyone who wants to learn more about how jailbreaks are created from the ground up.

The Hill’s target is to have one central space where all jailbreak development can be stored in a home, making it easier for everyone concerned to manage the core required to make the magic happen, which will be able to keep jailbreaking sustainable for years to come.

Final word is most important to remember. OpenJailbreak.org is not a jailbreak! It’s a home for all jailbreak creations and as a project it has launched.

Jailbreak developers and creators are currently often appeared across the globe and are left to make their own jailbreaking explots that are used to hack our iOS devices. The process of creating such JB exploits, often these developers band together to form groups, where the whole thing is much less organized than it could be. For that?

Hill’s OpenJailbreak aims to make collaboration easier by offering a central repository for jailbreaking code that, as of today, is open to everyone. Built on the Redmine project management application, which will look very familiar to those of the application development world. If you ever used Github, then you’re the right at home.

It’s not a jailbreak exploit but ultimately, OpenJailbreak aims to help make an iOS 7 jailbreak available as soon as possible. Apple’s greatest and advanced version of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch operating system is only few weeks away from its expected release. As soon as the date comes the calls for a jailbreak will no doubt begin. Screenshots have already surfaced of what actually appears to be a jailbreak injected onto an iOS 7-powered device.

Obviously there are many changes made under the hood of the seventh iteration of iOS , surely to see some excitement and challenges in making an iOS 7 jailbreak a reality.

Hope in OpenJailbreak can make the transition to iOS 7 a little easier than before. All of us can only do is wait and see what the hard working devs have in store. This is what you being an jailbreak creed will find at OpenJailbreak.org website.

What will it contain?
● Open source components from both greenpois0n and absinthe jailbreaks.
● Bug, issue, and feature tracking so even non-developers can contribute.
● Wikis, forums, and documents to help new users learn how to use components.

Why give away all this code?
● There’s simply too much of it to continue managing it on my own.
● Hopefully others will step in and help remove some of the burden off of us.
● Free up a lot of our time and effort of development so we can focus of finding new vulnerabilities and exploits.

There are currently 6 projects posted online, and a dozen others planned.

Projects posted so far:
● libmbdb-1.0 – A library and utilities for modifying backups from iOS devices.
● libmacho-1.0 – A library and utilities for modifying and parsing Apple Mach-O executable files.
● libimg3-1.0 – A library and utilities for parsing and decrypting iOS IMG3 files.
● libdyldcache-1.0 – A library and utilities for parsing and manipulating iOS dynamic linker shared cache.
● libirecovery-2.0 – A library and utilities for interacting with iOS low level bootloaders.
● libcrippy-1.0 – A library containing all the common shared code for libraries.

Projects to come:
● libafc-1.0 – A library and utilities for communicating with iOS AFC service.
● libipsw-1.0 – A library and utilities for parsing and and extracting iOS IPSW files.
● libtss-1.0 – A library and utilities for requesting and receiving TSS request from Apple.
● libbbfw-1.0 – A library and utilities for parsing and signing iOS baseband firmware file.
● libsyringe-1.0 – A library and utilities for injecting BootROM exploits and loading unsigned firmware.
● libanthrax-1.0 – A library and utilities creating and running code in ramdisks on iOS.
● libcyanide-1.0 – A library and utilities for parsing and manipulating iOS dynamic linker shared cache.
● libabsinthe-1.0 – A library to integrate the various components of absinthe and evasi0n.
● libidevicerestore-1.0 – A library and utilities for restoring or updating from IPSWs.
● libidevicebackup-1.0 – A library and utilities for backing up and restoring MobileDevice backups.
● libideviceinstall-1.0 – A library and utilities for installing applications to the device.
● libideviceactive-1.0 – A library and utilities for requesting activation tickets from Apple.

To learn more about OpenJailbreak project, check out Hill’s presentation slides from here for free of charge. Lets us know more about your thoughts!