OnePlus Tab Leak Suggests High-End Specs At Low Cost Delivery

The official website of OnePlus shows up now it seems to grab the tablet market, and worth noting that the OnePlus One proved to be one of the best smartphones of the year, which it has already changed the smartphone market. A new leak surfaced on the OnePlus test website, shows off the new “OnePlus Tab” with a link included, signaling what could be an upcoming tablet coming from the now-popular manufacturer.

With the @evleaks courtesy, an image of the alpha version of the OnePlus Tab leaked in to wild, the screenshot was taken just a few days ago on June 29.

The official OnePlus website mentioned any word on specifications nor features just yet, and if this tablet is real, we can no-doubt expect it to surpass our expectations, just as the OnePlus One did with an insanely attractive $300-$350 price point. And the OnePlus One features some pretty impressive specs and only costs $299 without a contract.

Still the name suggests that it is a tablet-type of device, and considering that OnePlus used CyanogenMod on its smartphone, we wouldn’t be surprised if that OS made an appearance on the OnePlus Tab as though. In result, it’ll be interesting to see what OnePlus can do with a tablet “Tab”.

What are you expecting from OnePlus Tab? Features , specs, price and release date and more – we’ll be covering soon here at Grabi…….!