Official Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich ROM With TouchWiz Leaked For Galaxy S II – How To Install/Flash It Now!

Now comes a very early build of Ice Cream Sandwich with Samsung’s TouchWiz Ui has been leaked today. but unstable for daily use, it does shows us first impression at what Android 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich will look like when it releases in a few months for the Samasung Galaxy S II. Full details after break!

The breaking news comes from SamMobile, a blog covers all things Samsung in the form of post in which they talk about the leaked build of Android 4.0.1 (Build:I9100XXKP1) Ice Cream Sandwich for International version of the Samsung Galaxy S II – what you’ll notice here is not just that the device has the newest version of Android on it, but that Samsung’s own custom user interface has been fully integrated.

The leaked build of Android 4.0.1 (Build: KP1) Ice Cream Sandwich for Universal Version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. The leak has, apparently, been sourced from Sam Mobile’s “insider” at Samsung.

This is, of cource, a very, very early leaked build. It does offer you a “glance” at the waht the final version may look like ( priority on may), while we have quite time before the update is actually released, we shouldn’t take it as final. Samsung has enough time to make changes to give their custom TouchWiz UI an ICS-like look and feel.

It is highly advised you must stay away from this, since it is an early build and is receptive to random reboots and force closes. It is not a stable enough to use on a daily, routine basis.

From SAM Mobile:

Last week our “insider” presented us with XXKP1.
    The Android version of this ROM is Android 4.0.1.
    The build date is 7 december 2011.

    As you may know of us we often get these leaks prior to release.
    After we did some checks on it we can confirm that we’re dealing with a “CUSTOM” Samsung build.

DISCLAIMER: Grabi will be not responsible if you lose data or your device gets damaged in the following of this guide. Continue at your own risk.

You must note this, before you get started, that this is a very unstable. Besides this, your warranty will be voided forever(because it, apparently, doesn’t let you reset the counter which technicians use to determine if your phone can is covered by warranty).

Important: This only works on International Version of Samsung Galaxy S II (S2). It has not been tested on Epic 4G Touch, Skyrocket or any other of the Galaxy S II variants on US Carriers.

How to Install Android 4.0.1 ICS Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy S2

Step 1 : Download the following files:

* ODIN 1.83 [HotFile]
* Samsung USB Drivers download link (you’ll have to locate these yourself, unfortunately)
* Leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROM [HotFile]. Password:

Step 2 : Unzip the .rar file you downloaded from HotFile in Step 1. There will be four files inside.

Step 3 : Install USB Drivers. Shut down Samsung’ Kies PC software. Launch ODIN (in that exact order).

Step 4 : Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S II.

Step 5 : Press Volume Down + Home + Power/Lock while booting up to enter Download Mode.

Step 6 : Connect your device via USB and you should see it detected by ODIN.

Step 7 : Click on BOOTLOADER and add I9100_APBOOT_I9100XXKP1_CL16459_REV02_eng_mid_ship.tar.md5.

Step 8 : Similarly, add the following files to respective menus:

* PDA: I9100_CODE_I9100XXKP1_CL16459_REV02_eng_mid_ship.tar.md5
* Phone: MODEM_I9100XXKP1_REV_02_CL1085642.tar.md5
* CSC: I9100_KERNEL_I9100XXKP1_CL16459_REV02_eng_mid_ship.tar.md5

Step 9 : After that, click the Start button.

Step 10 : Wait for your phone to restart and then unplug it from your computer.

Watch the Video tutorial on How you can download the Android 4.0.1 ICS custom ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S2 and make a flash and after installation.

If you correctly folowed the above steps, Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich will be installed on your Samsung Galaxy S II.

If in case you face any issues or have queries, check out this thread over at XDA-Developers. via