Office For Android Updated With Dropbox Support, Easier OneDrive Sharing


Microsoft has officially unveiled its first Dropbox integration for mobile version of Office and OneDrive cloud service earlier this month. Juts after the iOS apps getting updated, Android has lagged behind until this week. Finally, the latest update to Mobile Office for Android gets Dropbox support as an online storage application.

With the new Office Mobile updated app, Android phone owners can now edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents stored on Dropbox with ever paying Microsoft anything. While the Office Mobile for Android gone free to use.


The latest update adds the ability to generate and share links to documents in their OneDrive and OneDrive for Business right away. Android users can simply open a doc from their OneDrive, tap on the context menu, tap Share and then choose Email as link.

The new Office Mobile for Android phones is currently very limited and basic offering though. Office Mobile for Android is identical to previous iOS version, and got similar experiences offered on Windows Phone. Surprising to see Microsoft update this exclusive version of Office Mobile on Android, while killing the same product on iOS in favor of a combined tablet and phone version that far generic.

According to the company about Office on its blog post, says:

Two weeks ago we announced a partnership with Dropbox to make it easier for Dropbox users to use Office on their phones and tablets. Since then we shipped updated apps on iOS to enable a seamless connection between Dropbox and Office for easy access, editing and sharing—right from Word, PowerPoint and Excel apps. With today’s update you’ll get the same integration in Office Mobile for Android phone.

User will now see Dropbox integration as a storage location when they use Office Mobile on Android. In fact, they’ll also be able to browse, edit and share their Dropbox files right within the App. An improved version for Android is on the way, and the tablet part of that update will enter preview in the coming weeks.

The latest version of Microsoft Office Mobile for Android App is now available for free download from Google Play Store.