Nokia’s HERE Maps For Android Now Available For Download [APK]

Nokia as promised earlier has finally launched HERE maps app in beta mode for all compatible Android devices running 4.1 Jelly Bean and higher versions, just a couple of weeks back, kicking off as a Samsung exclusive for Galaxy-branded devices. And today, Nokia is making the app available to all Android users, though it’s not yet landed on Google Play Store currently.

Nokia-HERE-maps-AndroidThe HERE Maps APK file is here to grab, and Nokia says it’s trying to make the app capable with as many devices as possible, but it will require Android 4.1 or greater upto 4.4 KitKat. It also requires the device with at least 1GB of RAM, and screensize of between four and six inches. Although the Android Maps app is in beta, so users will need to side-load the application on their devices from Nokia’s website or from your PC.

Nokia’s HERE maps is one of the top four major global online mapping services, alongside Google, TomTom and OpenStreetMap. Nevertheless, it includes all the core functionalities such as turn-by-turn directions and points-of-interest.

Nokia in its blogpost says,

We’ve discovered that some ‘cache cleaner’ apps accidentally delete the navigation voices in the HERE app. We’re very close to a fix, which will be released in the next weeks, but in the meantime we’d ask you not to use such apps if you want to use voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation.

here-maps-androidOne of the primary key benefits of HERE compared to its rivals is that it lets you download entire regions (country and continents) for offline use later – completely free of cost or without a data connection.
You can now download HERE Maps (beta) from here.