Nokia Releases Amber Update For Lumia Range Windows Phone 8 Handsets

Nokia in its own fashion rolling out the Lumia Amber update for its Windows Phone 8 range Lumia smartphones which comes with some great new features and camera apps. Full details are placed here at, so please make your time to check them out after this jump.

The Amber update has released that tries to bridge the gap in UI experience over its large range of Lumia devices ranging from high-end to low-end handsets. The Amber update now goes live in line with Windows Phone update “GDR2” that introduced FM Radio, Google Calendar, and contact support and many more.

Although being a Nokia Lumia owner, you can’t expect more than enough from this latest Amber update, which is made available in phrases and some devices will not get the update until September.

Now, the low-end Nokia Lumia handset owners can update it devices to Amber to get the Nokia Smart Camera app that lets users select the best photo effect out of series of 10, which was only been legitimate on Lumia 925’s.

This update will eventually be available until the end of September. You can now download and install Amber update on your Lumia series of earlier devices. For Lumia new range of handsets like Lumia 925, Lumia 625 and Lumia 1020 the update ships on its way first handed.

The Amber update not only brings the Nokia Smart Camera to the Windows 8 handsets but also brings few other camera related applications. Like the Nokia Pro Camera which was first integrated on the Lumia 1020 a 41-Megapixel cameraphone with PureView technology. But unfortunately such feature only available on high-end Nokia Lumia 920, 925 and 928.

Yet another feature brought by the Amber update would be the Nokia Video Trimmer and Nokia Video Upload for YouTube are available through the full range of Lumia devices on Windows Phone 8 platform. Now about the “Glance Screen” functionality, that display level and clock when the screen is turned off and mute incoming calls by just flipping the phone on its face.

Moreover the Amber update has got some best improvements and performance enhancements, in addition for Nokia Lumia devices, which could take some time for Mobile carriers to approve it and make the update available for all Lumia handsets.