Nokia Lumia 935 Be The First Windows 10 Phone With A Quad-HD Display [Concept]

Microsoft has in a surprise introduced its latest version of Windows 10 operating system a few days ago and heard that it’ll be the OS to grace on both the smartphones and tablet devices, alongside, it will be also coming to the PC and Xbox systems as well. We have today come in front of Nokia Lumia 935, which would be the first handset that runs on Windows 10 Phone OS. Full details after this fold!

windows-10-phone-rendered-concept-nokia-lumia-935-deviceAlthough the photograph you are going to see of the first Windows 10-powered Lumia 935 handset is a rendered by Ibrahim Sujau and it features a 5.5 inch display with a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, a 20 megapixel camera and 64 GB of storage. MicroSD card slot also on board, powered by a 2GB of RAM and comes with an aluminum finish which is used as the construction material. The concept design is all Fabula here, with a back side that reminds us of the Lumia 930 and a bit like the Lumia 925 frontier.

It also got a pretty big rear speaker, 3 pins for charging cradles and for that it keeps the capacitive Windows Phone buttons, that are supposed to be replaced with Virtual ones. The sides of the phone seem to be made of metal, while the back is probably polycarbonate. The display screen looks pretty crisp and Windows 10 has taken transparency to a new level.

Notably, the Nokia Lumia 935 looks reasonably slim and surely integrates new camera features within Windows 10 and it’s being a concept iteration, we can expect more from the Redmond-based software maker, if such Win 10 Phone is in the corner.


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