No iPhone 5 for T-Mobile This Year 2011 ?

T-Mobile is not getting the Apple iPhone 5 This Year 2011 – T-Mobile USA Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman reportedly told employees at a town hall meeting that ‘ We are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year ‘.

No iPhone 5 Release for T-Mobile US
According to TmoNews:

A little bit of disappointing news this morning as we just received the above image which shows in no uncertain terms the words of T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman. Speaking at a town hall meeting for T-Mobile employees Brodman seemed to confirm that T-Mobile will not carry the iPhone 5 this year.

Update: As a number of you are pointing out, we could read a lot into the “this year” portion of the statement. Does that mean an iPhone 4/4S is coming to T-Mobile this year or is a deal in place for T-Mobile to launch an iPhone in 2012? There is a lot of ways to interpret his statement but one thing seems certain, no iPhone 5 for T-Mobile anytime before midnight on December 31st. via