Nexus X (Motorola Shamu) Hits The Geekbench, Scores Higher Than Any Other Android Device On The Market

October 15th is nearing and we’re now firmly into it and if we take it for granted that Google will introduce the tradition it started with the Nexus 4, then, we can also take it for an imminently-awaited Nexus X, which is also right around the corner.

Motorola-Shamu-Nexus-XAs per the details regarding to PhoneArena, it’s being a high-profile device, with no surprise, today’s fix includes an early peek into performance, thanks to a Nexus X Geekbench certification.

Rumored as the Motorola “Shamu” aka Nexus 6. The affordable line features a 5.9-inches screen, and in line that Google also offering a Quad HD (1,440×2,560 pixels) resolution display. However the aforementioned benchmark doesn’t offer a direct evidence to that. But it does offer is the scores achieved by the Android L-runner, Snapdragon 805-powered SoC with 3GB of RAM Nexus X.

Check out the results below and see how they compare against the competition.

Geekbench-Nexus-Shamu-XNexus-X-benchmark-Geekbench-3-02Nexus-X-benchmark-Geekbench-3-01In fact that the score the next Nexus achieved is pretty impressive with QHD or not and those are not to far ahead from the LG G3’s esque. According to the Geekbench, when it comes to single-threaded performance, the Nexus X still is out-muscled by the iPhone 6. Also worth pointing out that early Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Geebench results are very much comparable to the yet-to-be-announced Google Nexus device.