Next iPhone With 4-Inch Display Is Ready For Production, Set For Summer Launch?

Once again a rumor surfaced on Apple’s next smartphone venture with a Foxconn employee report says that the next iPhone divice dubbed the “iPhone 5” is already pushed for production.

A Foxconn employee has reportedly told 9to5Mac that the iPhone 5 is being geared up for production. If it’s true, then would indicate a summer release – a luanch pattern which had been lineup which wsa maintained until the delay of the iPhone 4S last year.

Like the Samsung, Apple too is on track with prospective WWDC’ 12 announcement, something which will surely satisfy thos wo’ve calimed to be holding the iPhone 5.

Apple actually maintain secret plans, ideas, and future products under wraps, but one or two interesting details have already emerged. We’ve no picture of that next iOS device, but the currunt prototypes all sport 4+inch screens, all manufactured by LG.

The site says various sample devices are floating around with slight differences between them.

What They Have in Common
● 4+ inch display (made by LG on at least one of them)
● No teardrop-shaped devices as were rumored in the lead up to the iPhone 4S. Samples so far have been symmetrical in thickness. Also longer/wider.
● None of the sample devices have the iPhone 4/4S form factor
● None of the devices are final versions

Important to note here is that iPhone 4S production did not gear up until late spring of last year. If the productions starts now, it would appear that Apple is back on its new iPhone launch in summer, the same WWDC pattern that maintained until last year.

The catch is this is the same site that indicated last summer that the iPhone 5 will not be launched, said that Apple was building the iPhone 4S model instead.

What do you think about the next iPhone (iPhone 5) could launch in this summer along with the iPad 3 (would be iPad S2), confused, stay tuned to Grabi, to grab some more information if any arrives.