Next iPhone To Launch With Larger “Curved” Display Screen Coming Year

New-generation iOS smartphone is reportedly to be pressure sensitive, according to Bloomberg’s recent report that surfaced speaking about the iPhone 6. First and foremost of those rumors is that it’s going to be curved and larger than ever before. Rumors about the next iPhone with larger display details can be grabbed after this fold!

First time it was mentioned that the upcoming iPhone 2014 would be a curved display smartphone and now the Bloomberg are reporting, “citing person familiar with the plans,” says that Apple is already testing out the larger iPhone curved display with an expected launch in third quarter of 2014.


Expected to see two different phones, one with 4.7-inch and the other iPhone with 5.5″ display respectively, which could be quite bigger size than the current iPhone 5s. Compete with the current smartphones and phablets like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and other Android-powered handsets.

In addition the Cupertino company is also working on some enhanced pressure sensors, which will be integrated in the future models, not as the ones that are expected for 2014 launch date. Currently iPhone 5s are in big demand, so Apple has also reduced the iPhone 5c production as well and purely focusing more on 5s. Rumors suggesting that Apple is working on a handset with a larger display, but this time to become a big rival to Samsung with flexible display, Apple for the first time planning to introduce a curved iPhone display phone.

Apple to debut two curved-display iPhones next year

Top of the shape and size changes though, the reports claiming that Apple is toying with the idea of using touch screens that can detect different levels of pressure intensity. Bigger news here to find out Apple wasn’t working on such devices, but pressure sensitivity could play a major role (selling point) in mobile devices soon.

The report also says that these devices will incorporate glass that curves at the edge, a potentially big break from Apple’s present iPhone design language. Curved displays have made a splash lately thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy Round and LG’s G Flex and both are pretty much only planned to test (experimental” early-round efforts to show what and how flexible displays are capable of – global release plans have yet to be made. Apple in either hand also said working on a curved-glass smartwatch, similar to rumors earlier this year suggesting. Pressure sensitivity could be the bigger fact, a powerful new feature for gaming where a touchscreen typically offers limited input options.


Mobile gaming, in fact has been steadily increasing industry over the last five years which it becomes a bit more relevant than one might initially assume. Also largely lead by smartphone gaming apps, is slowly putting up finacial profits that rival AAA console titles. Apple lately: iOS 7 includes new gaming hooks that will lead to full-fledged gaming controllers.

Do you think Apple has the future of mobile gaming in mind for its upcoming iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices? Expected to see mobile gaming available on the iPhone 6? If it could, then it will be called iPhone 6S or 6G. Thoughts!

(Thanks to TheVerge) (SOURCE: Bloomberg)