Next-Gen Xbox 720 To Use Blu-Ray, Kinect 2 And Anti-Used Game System

More Rumors on Xbox 720 emerges, this time focusing on Blu-ray drive and anti-used game technology. Will the next Xbox use Blu-Ray and would be the Kinects new version 2? So the Micosoft’s next console will make use of Blu-ray disc technology, according to kotaku, the use of Blu-ray would offer upto 50GB of storage compared to just 9GB available on a single DVD disc.

Kotaku is reporting that their sources have told them that the next Xbox, dubbed the 720 for obvious reasons, is updating everything about the console for a release in 2013.

The sources claims first and foremost that the next xBox will do away with the DVD format opting for Sony’s industry standard Blu-Ray format. Also calims that this next Xbob will ship with an improved Kinect sensor. They said to be that the new Kinect to feature an on-board processor, an awesome feature from the original Kinect. This would allow Kinect to detect motion more effectively while freeing up the resources of the actual console to do the heavy lifting when it comes to games.

Already been treated to speculation surrounding the possible inclusion of digital video recording capabilities in the new unit, but if these recent rumors coming out of gaming news site Kotaku are to be believed then it looks like Microsoft’s new Xbox console would not only feature the Blu-Ray player and the second generation Kinect motion sensor which is a newer technology would also prevent gamers from playing used games.

IGN reports also indicate that Microsoft will be using AMD’s Radeon 6000 series of graphics cards to power their console. This would put the next Xbox at about six to eight times more powerful than the current Xbox 360 and two times more powerful than Nintendo’s Wii U console expected to launch later this year.

Reports from Fydzilla is also reporting that the CPU for the Xbox 720’s development kits are already going into production for late 2013 release. Reports also say, Microsoft is on track to deliver Xbox 720 dev kits to developers as early as March of this year.

If these rumors come true, then we should hear more about its in the months leading up to E3 in June, especially the anti-used game system and the next generation Xbox 720 which is ready to add Blu-Ray Drive and the 2nd-gen Kinect with a technology to prevent used games playing.