New Subscription Plans Of Netflix Streaming Being Tested For Customers

One of the most popular streaming and TV services, Netflix has this week revealed that they have started testing a number of new subscription plans for customers to enjoy worldwide.

Going to the detailed information, the new Netflix streaming plans offer allowing users to watch movies, television shows on the Netflix service up to 4 screens at the same time for $12 a month. Yet another Netflix plan cureently being tested, enables users to view it on 2 screens at the same time in high-definition (HD) or standard for $8 per month, respectively. Means, two simultaneous streams on one account and the $11.99 offer that goes up to 4 at once. But a few will see a $9.99 option that provides 3 simultaneous streams. Also includes the “1 SD stream for $6.99” for some.


Netflix has declined to push cable TV-style tiers and pricing packages, since it launched. Although the new Netflix subscription packages which currently being tested are the proof that Netflix is looking to offer additional options to its growing customer base.

As of now and after, more information is confirmed and released by Netflix over the coming weeks and months we will keep you updated on news as always. Just last month, it was revealed that a number of movies might be leaving Netflix library (leaving streaming January 1st), which are removed regarding the loss of such movies and we don’t have any confirmation about which titles yet. Rather commented on the constant ebb and flow of titles via its Watch Instantly service.

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