New Skype For Web App Brings Voice And Video Calling To Your Web Browser

Microsoft has just announced a new beta version of Skype that operates seamlessly through the Web, enabling users to communicate from their browsers. Currently, it’s not quite ready for masses as yet, with only a few hand picked users new and existing being pulled into the beta program. Apparently, it should be made available to the wider audience in a matter of time, maybe few months.

Skype, is one of the best methods of communicating through voice chat, IM and video, and since being acquired by Microsoft, apps have popped up on almost every popular platform. From Android to iOS and to Xbox, Skype is not that far to find, but with today’s official announcement, the Redmond-based software giant has gone back to basics by announcing a full on Web edition. Inevitable!

Introduced a new version of Skype for Web and with a slow roll out as per the utterances of Skype lead John Watson, it will extend universally once the beta has run its course. And, if you are one of the chosen few, then you’ll be able to use Skype in all of its glory right from the likes of Chrome, Firebox, and obviously, the Internet Explorer.

App that built around a standard supported by Google, Mozilla etc. so should have no issues running on your favorite browser right away, and once it’s fully optimized, it should increase both uptake and monthly active user-base for Microsoft.

Notably, the IM capabilities will be available right off the bat, but for voice and video calls, users are required to download and install a small to get into action. Considering that it’s all happening in your Web browser, then it shouldn’t be a problem for many.

Microsoft’s Skype for Web app would be a big win for Google in a roundabout way. The Search giant is of the belief that the Web offers enough potential for users to be able to survive on the browser-only Chromebook line of notebooks, and where the video-editing comes and such still require a machine with a proper OS, the fact that Skype will soon operate individually of an app is a bit of a coup.

When Skype for Web finally emerges from beta, will you be a part to be indulging? Share your thoughts at the usual channels