New Skype 5.6 For Mac Update Finally Brings Full Screen Mode & Automatic Updates – Download Now

Last year there was a critical security flaw discovered within Skype for Mac which allows instant messaging to be used to gain remote access of another Mac OS X machine, But today, Skype has fixed that issue by rolling out an update. There are several users lean on Skype and Macs heavily, when a fairly substantial update for the VOIP/messaging service goes live, there ears jump like wow. Details after the jump!

Skype 5.6 update is now rolled out for all the Mac users with handful of bugfixes and some innovating features now available for download.

Microsoft just updated Skype for Mac to version 5.6 with some notable improvements:

  • Automatic Updates
  • Improved UI for group video calling
  • New full screen mode in OS X Lion
  • Ability to delete conversations
  • Ability to disable Audio Gain Control

Skype for Mac version 5.6 also brings with it the ability to auto-update when new versions are also  released which the Windows version has been able to do since last September. While the full screen mode which had come to scene after seven months after Apple’s Lion update added support for better feature.

Get the new dynamic layout for video calls that puts the current speaker at the top of the window and with the automatic Gain Control, brings the abaility to combat background noise, and these all brought with the 5.6 version update. Mac users will surely jump on this latest one and those who want’s to grab the new version of Skype now available right here.

Download Skype 5.6 For Mac OS X