New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leak Shows The Device In Disguised, Squarish Casing [Photo]

It’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – announced next week in Berlin’s IFA 2014, and we’ve already acknowledged what the phablet actually looks according to the leaked reports and sightings and today, we’ve got a new leak of the device pretends to be some form of disguise. With the Galaxy Note 4 event only days away, it seems inevitable that something else was going to leak before the main event. And it does, show up the unannounced device in strange housing prior to the big reveal.

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-4Here we see Samsung‘s stylus-friendly smartphone inside a security case to keep its identity a secret, but although the boxy nature of the Note 4′s casing is clearly designed to throw the on-looking tech world off the scent, which can you still make out the form factor of the impending phablet.

The Galaxy Note 4 phablet wearing a case to disguise it, and to keep the design secret until September 3rd unveiling, and that’s whjat the photograph of the very same handset features in the video, wearing the same exact casing.

N4While the market for smartphones with incredibly large displays in one of that Samsung is credited with casting following the release of the initial Galaxy Note. But how much it will attract customers, as well as sales figures over the past few Note generations suggest that the phablet device era is still succeeding.

Speaking about the Galaxy Note 4’s differentiating with last year’s Note 3, it offers a number of best features (key enhancements). The display, is not the first time getting larger, but instead of a 5.7-inch 1080p panel, The South Korean giant opted to sharpen things up with a quad-HD resolution. The rear-camera’s megapixels also been jumped and it’s said that, with the Note 4 likely to borrow many of its hardware features from the company’s flagship, the Galaxy S5. Indeed, Galaxy Note 4 offers a similarly delightful visual and photographic joy.

N4SThe next Note line-up not always deliver larger display and S Pen stylus, but it is also designed for power users. Processor, which is now bumped accompanying a large, removable battery and microSD card slot. Samsung will arguably steal the show with the Galaxy Note 4. but. The party starts at 9am Eastern for all three of Samsung’s Unpacked locations this year in Berlin and New York. Stay tuned!

(Source: AndroidCentral)