Is Moto X+1 Called To Be the Motorola Moto X Successor [Image]

Now, it’s time for yet another Motorola’s Android phone leak. The rumored and suggested Moto X successor might be called Moto X+1, according to the new report. Full details after this break!

Motorola has came up with two highly-anticipated flagship smartphones, the Moto X and Moto G – purely based on Android OS, and the company followed aimed at emerging markets. Now there has been a lot of speculations about the upcoming Moto X successor. How the company is going to build its next-generation flagship?


If the rumor mill to be believed, the “Moto X+1” may carry the baton forward. According to an image posted by EvLeaks over the weekend, the possible follow up might be called the Moto X+1—this is kind of getting into HTC naming territory.

An image is also provided to further give the claim weight, which is only a Logo. Supposedly the device is coming soon, may be next month or two.

As mentioned above, the “Moto X + 1″ bit comes from famed Twitter leaker @evleaks, tweeted what appears to be a logo for the Moto X successor, without offering any additional information to grab, but only said its ‘coming soon’. This summer, Motorola might be planning to launch its Moto X brother adding +1 to its equation.

It’s hard to say what to expect in a Moto X2 or a Moto X + 1, but we think upgrades to all the specs that count, particularly the camera, are a safe bet. What makes sense is that the Moto X+1 could be the first Motorola phone to launch alongside the Moto 360 smartwatch running Android Wear, launching this summer.

It is pretty much expected that Motorola reportedly to include a slightly bigger 5-inch 1080p screen, a beefier battery and a faster processor. Interesting part to see is whether Motorola retains the near stock Android build on the X+1 or goes with Lenovo’s UI.  Since Google has sold it to Lenovo, it remains to be seen if that transition has any effect on its plans for the year.

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