Moto 360 Smartwatch Priced At $249.99, Revealed In Best Buy Leak

Motorola’s next accessory would be the wearable, the Moto 360 smartwatch is undoubtedly the perfect wrist-phone to look at, and coming a while after both LG and Samsung opened the Android Wear market with the G Watch and Gear Live, Motorola have had enough time to build its own from what it’s rivals mistakes.

Moto-360-Best-Buy-listing-shows-Texas-Instruments-CPU-and-249-price-tagExpected that Motorola to formally unveil its Moto 360 at an event on September 4, alongside its suggested Moto G2 (aka Moto G+1) and alleged Moto X+1. Seems that we may not need to wait that long before we know how much money we’ll need to save up in order to buy one after Best Buy’s mobile site accidentally managed to leak the price ahead of time.

Best Buy exclusive; wants to be the source for all the information you might want on the Motorola Android Wear device, aka Moto 360. Listed for $249, which is the same price tag that was leaked a while ago with a Motorola promotion. However, Motorola with the same price denied though.

In fact the mobile version of Best Buy’s online store had a Moto 360 page pop up that not only gave the price of $249.99 to those eager to place an order. Specifications also offered on the page, but the ability to actually place an order wasn’t forthcoming and no expected release date offered by Best Buy. Fairly safe to say that the page wasn’t intended to be made public quite yet.

Moto360-BBSpeaking about the Moto 360 specs listed on BB mobile site, features that its a standard Android Wear device, like Bluetooth 4.0, compatibility with Android 4.3+, and a microphone for voice commands, and the rest of specs that we already know about the Moto 360, like the ambient light sensor, stainless steel casing, and leather strap, et al.

Surprise! What actually the Moto 360 is powered with, the watch CPU is listed as a Texas Instruments processor, though all of the speculations had claimed it would be a Snapdragon 400, like the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live. The display is listed as an LCD measuring 1.5-inches diagonally, and with the 320×290 pixels resolution screen, with the virtical a bit shorter because of the back bar at the bottom that hides the ambient light sensor and display drivers either.

Coming in at $20 extra price than the LG G Watch and a $50 more than Samsung’s Gear Live, the Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch isn’t going to be cheaper Android Wear watch around. But the Moto watch is itself is about the same size as the G Watch in terms of thickness (0.4″/10mm) and weighs at (2.1oz/59.5g). The Moto 360 is said to measure 1.8-inch in diameter and is water resistant up to 3.3 feet for 30 minutes, which got an IP67 rating like LG G Watch. Inside it, there’s 512MB of storage, but the RAM is not listed.

Motorola-Moto-360Finally, the Best Buy Moto 360 wearable listing also confirms the plastic back, the heart-rate monitor, and the internal pedometer. Which the 360 include Wireless N, the first time integration for an Android Wear device, and would theoretically allow the 360 to work without being connected to the phone, if there is Wi-Fi accessibility.

There is no word of the battery capacity, so we can’t say anything about battery life. If they do plump for the Moto 360, Best Buy’s site says that it is made of Gorilla Glass 3, which it should be fair to say enough.

With Motorola’s expected September 4 announcement, Best Buy’s pricing will be either confirmed or denied soon enough. Stay tuned!

(via: TheVerge / Phonearena)