Most Wanted Google Chrome Extensions For Your Storage & Sync

If you want to super charge your Google Chrome browser then you have to discover some great and most anticipated plugins or extensions for security and privacy. The internet is full of distractions, so knowing what options are available to keep you focused is the key features for an effective Web-user, here are some great Chrome extensions to resolve the problem.

Chrome Extensions for the Internet Web Browser . Here’s 10 of best Google Chrome Extensions are here which are very much wanted Chrome Extensions, includes hundreds of External applications and add-ons for Google Chrome Browser and free of cost (Open Source).

You can Get 15 Best Google Chrome Extesnions to check. From Hundreds of Google Chrome Extensions in the Chrome Web Store , i choose these Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions:Google Browser . This is not a joke, because i choose the Top 10:Extensions for Google Chrome, no one should live without it these days for the Productivity.

Most Wanted Google Chrome Extensions – Must Have Extensions

1. Docs PDF PowerPoint Viewer: Extension for Google Chrome – This is a very handy extension which practically does away with your need to run a local PDF viewer application. Once the plugin is installed, Chrome will automatically open any PDF files you come across when browsing as Google Documents.

Before you open it, Doiwnload the File to your PC and you can also store it in your Google Document space, when you are having Google Account. This PDF Viewer is quite basic but still perform simple text search within it.
2. Dropbox for Chrome:Extension for Google Chrome – Where Dropbox is a free Service that lets you store upto 25GB of Data on a remote Server an d lets you synchronise your stored files with local copies on as many Computers PCs as you like.

Dropbox for Chrome: Extension lets you access your Dropbox files directly in Chrome Browser. So that you can quickly Download or upload a modified file without Installing Dropbox locally. Once installed Dropbox on Chrome Browser, you will be prompted to Enter your Dropbox Username and Password. You can simply specify the size of the popup Window used to display your Stored Dropbox Files.

3. Firebug Elite Extension for Google Chrome – Firebug Lite provides the rich visual representation we are used to in Firebug when it comes to HTML elements, DOM elements, and Box Model shading. It provides some cool features like inspecting HTML elemements with your mouse and live CSS editing.

4. CSS Reloader Chrome Extension: Google – Extension for Chrome Web Browser that alloows you to reload CSS without Reloading the page itself. You have simply hit a quick Shortcut and the Page will update with the Style Changes. This CSS Reloader Browser: Extension for Google Crome is one of the Designers and Developers Extensions like Firebug Elite Chrome Extension.

5. Evernote Google Chrome Extension – Evernote Releases Unique Features For Chrome Browser Today, the popular Evernote Suite of Software and services designed for Notetaking and archiving has rolled out this New Chrome Extension. This will be a good news for all Evernote Users, because Evernote’s Google Chrome extension gets major upgrade.
6. ContexTube (Best) Google Chrome Extension – Adds massive Context to the YouTube Videos. This Chrome Plugin “ContexTube” is built on a platform called Seevl.

What the Use of this Chrome Plugin :

When you are Watching YouTube videos, you will get a Sidebar on the right that will pull in Information about the band or the Group that you are watching and the interesting thing about this ContexTube Chroime Plugin is that is not a Static and the information it provides is meant to be explored more clearly and deeply.
7. FlashBlock Extension for Google Chrome – Flaskblock Chrome is a port of the Firefox extension that blocks all Flash content until you permit it. Flash elements are presented as placeholders, which you can click and then decide whether to run the script or not.

Important Chrome Extension : Flash can add useful and attractive multimedia elements like animation to web pages, but it can also be used to hide malicious code. Flash modules can also be frustratingly slow to load, especially if they aren’t relevant to what you want to do. Then by using this FlashBlock Crome Extension you can block malicious content to improve your Browsing Security Experience.

8. Chrome IE Tab Multi: Chrome Extension – There are several sites, that insit you can pnly browser them using Internet Explorer. With the Help of Chrome IE Tab Multi Extension for Google Crome Browser: is the most useful of the options on offer, because it does the best job of mimicking Internet Explorer and supports multiple tabs. It also supports ActiveX controls, and can remember which sites you prefer to use in IE mode.

You Can also Bookmark sites to open with IE Tab Multi and add options to open links in IE Tab Multi to the Chrome context menu.

9. Google Font Previewer Extension for Chrome – Are you a Big fan of Google Fonts ? then this Google Chrome Extension: Google Fonts Previewer for Chrome is very useful extensions. Lets you choose a font from the Google Font API directory, and apply that font to the entire page or a specified CSS selector to see how it looks. Useful when you’re designing a website and want to quickly find a font that will look good. If you always use the same fonts, you can star them for quick access.
10. Eye Dropper and Color Picker Extension for Google Chrome – Online you can Choose any color from the Webpage and pick for your Use. This is most wanted Chrome Extension for UI Developers, just by using Eye Dropper and Color Picker, you can pick any color from any Webpage with displaying Rules, Guides and Grid on the Page.

These are the Best Chrome Extensions:Google Plugins and Add-ons for Developers, Designers and Real Public. Check these Top 4 Google+ Chrome Extensions too.