Modder Crams PS3 And Xbox 360 Combined – Into One Ultimate Box (Console)

PS3 And Xbox 360 CombinedModder Crams Xbox 360 Controller combined with PlayStation 3 (PS3) into One Ultimate Box Console . PS3 and xBox 360 Combined to Create an Ulktimate Console. If you are an Hardcre Gamer and have already owned more than one Console and then you can see the Space occupied by Game Consoles in a small room. Then you might need some space for other activities.

PlayStation 3 with xBox 360 Combined and Created an Ultimate Game Console

For those who are looking for the Best option, the newest star in geekery and console modding goodness has published pictures of a combination of a PlayStation 3 and an Xbox 360, all in one box! to create Ultimate Consoles.

According to Reddit Reader “timofiend” has solved the problem for you creating the Ultomate Gaming Console that combines both the PlayStation 3 and xBox 360 in one and Enabled you to Play both at the Same Time.

Modder Cram PlayStation 3 and xBox 360 Combined
Timofiend has used a Modder and managed to Cram a Fiurst Generation (thick) 80GB PlayStation 3 and a new slim xBox 360 combined the two within a PC Case creating an Awesome gaming Mod. The combined box is capable of outputting two video signals, allowing both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games to be played simultaneously.

from well known Source :

PS3 plus xBox 360 Combined

Are you wondering where you can get one? Sadly, this is not for sale, yet the mod’s author has promised to release documentation on how to assemble your own PlayStation 3 + Xbox 360 combo, if anyone showed interest:

I kept a work log and took photos as I made this so if anybodys interested I shall upload the project as a whole for you to see how it was done.

Indeed, overwhelming response rushed in after minutes, with hundreds of comments posted on the project’s Reddit page alone. If you’re interested in being notified when the documentation is finally released, just comment on this project’s page or directly message the author of this project itself.

Technically, other consoles instead of the Xbox or the PlayStation 3 could be crammed into a similar case, so perhaps we could see an Xbox 360 + Wii combo? via