Microsoft To Unveil Windows 10 For Phones, Tablets In January In Detail

Already we got the Technical Preview of Windows 10, which you can now download and install if eager, but that is for PCs, Laptops and nevertheless, Microsoft also detailed that the upcoming Windows 10 will run on smartphones and tablets as well. That is what we are wrapping off today with you.


Microsoft first introduced its next version of Windows back in September, leaving Windows 9 behind surprisingly announced Windows 10m and on the other hand also replaced Nokia Lumia brand from its Windows Phone handsets with Microsoft Lumia. Windows 10 is mainly presented the new developer-focused features of the OS, with just a few consumer-oriented titbits though.

The software maker has been promised a consumer announcement of Windows 10 which should launch in the future, and now speculated that will happen in January.

Although Microsoft will be posting it at CES in early January, that is not the main avenue it will use for the Windows 10 intro. Apparently the company will hold a separate conference towards the end of the month, which could in fact be a comprehensive one compared to the one from September.

Albeit making all the consumer-facing features of Windows 10 notable, during the same late January gathering Microsoft will also unveil Windows 10 for phones and tablets. The first glimpse that we will be getting at the mobile version of the new Windows OS.

The software giant will also detail its plans for Windows phones and tablets, and possibly dashboard updates for its Xbox One gaming console. Windows 10 is designed to run across multiple devices, including PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox One. We understand Microsoft will announce the details of its Windows 10 consumer event before the end of the year.

The Windows 10 is designed to run across multiple devices, which include PCs, tablets, phones, laptops, phablets, and the Xbox One. Official date for the event in January will be made by the end of this year. Stay tuned!