Microsoft Set To Unveil Windows 9 ‘Threshold’ Preview On September 30 [Report]

Are you ready for Windows 9 preview? Yes! It’s coming and it’s all set to bring a major change in terms of design and features compared to the Windows 8 desktop OS. How will Windows 9 differ from Windows 8 and 8.1? Full details can be grabbed right after this fold!

Code-named Threshold! Microsoft, according to a news report – poised to give the world a glimpse at a new-generation computer operating system that will succeed Windows 8, which launched two years ago. Although, the Windows 9 is expected to arrive in 2015 and hopes and wishes from users definitely aren’t in short supply ahead of its unveiling.

windows9As per The Verge, the Redmond-based company is planning to hold a media event on September 30 to preview the new PC software, though that date could change in the coming days. Speaking about the new Windows 9 availability, we’ve already indicated in our previous post that the company was planning to make a “technical preview” of Windows 9 release in late September or early October.

Microsoft on September 30 to provide a look at a version of what is expected to be called Windows 9. code-named ‘Threshold‘, according to the news website TheVerge.

This preview will be aimed at developers behind the programs designed for computers powered by Windows software, and Microsoft is expected to launch a developer program as early as October before releasing a public preview by the end of the year.

Currently, Microsoft is reportedly said to be focusing more on making the new Windows experience lot more better than the best for those using non-touch devices, with Windows 8 roundly criticized by mouse and keyboard users for being too touch sensitive. Also expected to adhere to its ‘One Windows’ mission by unifying its next OS, Windows 9 – for all hardware ecosystems from smartphones, to tablets and PCs.

Windows_9_start_menuNotably, Microsoft have already released updates to make Windows 8 joy more friendly for keyboard and mouse users, and trying to ensure the operating system offers specific features depending on the form factor.

Tickets to the BUILD Developer conference 2014 in San Fransisco sold out in 24 hours when rumors of Windows 9 hit the internet Web. See how anxious people are to see the Windows 8 successor this year in a preview.

10 Best Features of Windows 9 we’ll see this year ending, and we hope Microsoft includes, a lower price tag for the OS, better battery life, desktop-only mode, virtual desktops for improved productivity, bring back the Start button, over-the-air system recovery, better display scaling, improved anti-virus, Fix windows update and native DVD playback. And many more to be revealed in the coming days. Stay tuned!

Although, Microsoft began to address these concerns with the Windows 8.1 update last year, will continue with Windows 9. Among the additions to feature in the Windows 9 would be:

• A mini Start menu returning to the desktop
• “Windowed” Metro-style apps
• Virtual desktops
• Cortana integration
• Removal of the Charms bar

The preview set to become available at the end of September is likely to be accessible not just to developers but to the public as well.

Several features that are expected to be included in Windows 9 Threshold have leaked in the past few months, such as an Ubuntu-style virtual desktop feature for users to stay organised and use their apps on multiple virtual desktops within a single PC system (with or without multiple monitor screens).

Now that the Windows 9 is also expected to include a two-column Start menu that combines Modern apps and desktop apps. The Threshold update is also expected to bring the ability to run Modern Windows apps in windowed mode, which could tie in with the virtual desktops feature as well.

The general public release is expected to only be in April 2015. Windows 9 Preview in front of our doorsteps, which will initially available only to developers.