Microsoft Reportedly To Announce Surface 2 Tablet, Pro 2 And RT 2 On September 23rd

Today is the date which Microsoft has set for its press event where the software maker will be unveiling its new Surface 2 gadget – starting at 10:30am in New York. Surface 2 tablet is expected to see the sunlight officially at this event, alongside with two other new models? Full details can be grabbed right after this jump.

Microsoft is planning to announce the Surface 2 Pro and Surface 2 RT with the introduction of Surface 2 slate at the press event today, and we got some fair features of the other 2 models.

Surface 2 Pro – Will run Intel’s latest line of chips, a Haswell-based Core i5 processor, while the RAM will receive a considerable bump, being doubled 4GB to 8GB. Finally, the Surface Pro device will look similar to the current Pro, which is redesigned, the Microsoft device is capable to offer alternative viewing angles, of course this is rumored note. Only imagination!

However the the Pro 2 is turning out to be more than a modest upgrade over the original Pro, extirior will look similar and the specifications underneath will drive a serious perforamnce dump. Built in kick stand and Windows 8.1, we should have more details on both devices later today.

Now, The Surface RT 2 – Microsoft in the past introduced the Surface RT version with the general availability of Windows 8, but till now the tablet has not been selling all that perfectly in the market. The reason why the company slashed the price by $150 to consumers. The upcoming Surface RT 2, likely to be called just the Surface, the device will be equipped with a Tegra 4 CPU, 1080P screen, two-step style kickstand and we are also hearing the RAM will get bumped to 4GB.

The Surface RT 2 tablet will be announced running Windows RT 8.1 with ease. Microsoft is expected to put the product on store shelves around the time and the Surface 2 event will be one you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for more information on the updated Surface “Pro” “RT” 2 tablets.