Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Technical Preview Update, Boasts 7000 Changes And Fixes

Learn how to install Windows 10 Technical Preview from a disc or USB by downloading an ISO file, which is now ready as the latest Build. Microsoft’s Windows 10 TP gets its first update underr company’s Windows Insider Program. Build 9860 (up from Buold 9841) adds a host of new features, fixes some bugs and likely brews up a few new ones.


This newly released update is now available for those running Windows 10 through the Windows Update method and for instance, it brings nearly 7,000 new improvements and fixes since the first Windows 10 build we checked out a few weeks ago. Many of which are purely based on the handy Windows Feedback app that is bundled with Windows 10.

Additionally, there is Action Center brought from Windows Phone 8.1, that’ll list things like incoming messages, status updates, emails and calendar events in one spot. For Windows PCs, apps that can be moved between monitors, and also received an animation for switching between desktops.

The virtual-desktops functionality has also been optimized a bit: which eventually shows you when you’re bouncing around between desktops, and you can use a new keyboard shortcut (Windows+Shift+ Arrow) in order to move apps between multiple monitors.

The new Windows 10 Action Center
The new Windows 10 Action Center

The update also clarifies a new options to the Preview builds menu that lets you indicate how frequently you would like to see updates. Select “Fast” (Slow defaultly) and you’ll recive Preview builds as soon as Microsoft has seeded them ready for public testing. And it is also said that future builds will add more capabilities to the notification center, such as the abaility to take actions in response to alerts like new emails and invites to IMs, Facebook posts and more. It also be adding quick actions and cleaner UI.

“This is the first update build to Windows 10 Technical Preview, and we’ll continue to deliver more as part of the Windows Insider Program. Sometimes they’ll be more frequent and sometimes there will be longer gaps, but they will always be chock full of changes and improvements, as well as some bugs and things that are not quite done.”

posted Microsoft in a company blog post.

If you are already running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, Windowsd Update will take care of downloading and installing it automatically, depending on your download settings. Otherwise, head over to the “Update and recovery” section of Windows Update in PC settings and select Preview builds.

Here’s the guide on how you can download and install Windows 10 instructions on getting it up and running from a flash drive, in a seperate partition on your hard drive. Or, visit the Windows blog for more details on the release.

Notably, the Windows 10 Technical Preview update download wil be between 2GB and 2.74GB depending on CPU architecture and language.