Microsoft Announces Free Visual Studio With Cross-Platform Linux, Mac, iOS, Android Support, Open Source .NET


Microsoft taking some surprising actions regarding its latest roll outs. In the latest outburst, the software giant has made Microsoft .NET open-source, made version of Visual Studio available for free to allow for cross-platform Linux, Mac, iOS and Android development. Full details of free download after this break!

Offering Office apps for the iPhone and Android free was a big move and now, it clearly shows up in Microsoft’s strategy and gears, and heavily focusing on cloud computing by giving developers the ability to utilize .NET and Visual Studio for not just Windows software development, but for the Linux, OS X Max, Android and iOS as well.

Making .NET core server runtime and framework free allows for developers to use it for making server side and cloud-based apps for platforms that had been long considered as competitors such as Ubuntu for instance Linux and Mac. As per Microsoft, there are around 6 million developers that are using .NET, however alternatives like Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby on Rails etc. are all existing rivals in an environment that have been evolving faster. With this affordable move, Microsoft is looking to ensure its long-term viability against the likes of Amazon, Google and other cloud computing threats.

Although, Microsoft as a Windows centric company with majority of its technologies geared towards developing for its own OS, and with this far beyond move is clearly an indication of Redmond giant realizing its own limits and as it tries to work around it and still stay relevant in the face of emerging substitutes.

Being an open-source .NET framework, and a free version of Visual Studio 2013 for everyone should really expand the chances for existing and aspiring developers given the support for all existing OS platforms, may be a mobile, or a desktop OS.

Somasegar – President Microsoft Developer Division says:

We want to build a set of developer tools, developer services, and a cloud platform that is highly relevant for every developer.


Announced the preview of Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015 which apparently adds support for building applications that runs on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

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