Microsoft Confirms Denim Update Will Bring Lumia Camera 5 App

Microsoft’s key handsets such as Lumia 830, 930, 1520 and Icon to get an official OTA update, and now Microsoft has confirmed it officially that the aforementioned Windows Phone 8.1 running handsets will be getting the Lumia Camera 5 application with the next Denim update. Although, the Lumia 830 already have the Denim Firmware, but not the highly-anticipated Camera app with all the new imaging tech and features.

The Next Lumia Denim OTA update will bring “Lumia Camera 5″, confirms Microsoft

These were rumored to come with a recent separate app update, but that news was quickly discarded by the version, which is still Lumia Camera Classic was delivered. Confused? Not now, Microsoft response to a frequent question brought to an end to that, which states:

Lumia 830, 930, 1520 and Icon will automatically get the new Lumia Camera 5 application with the Lumia Denim software update. Lumia Camera Classic represents the existing camera (formerly known as Nokia Camera, now Lumia Camera 4). This application lets you revert back to the predecessor version. Go to Store to download and install.

Currently, for the time being it seems that a little more patience is required, while we eagerly wait for the next batch of firmwares to roll out. Download and install!
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