Make Free Temporary Phone Number from your iPhone with RingShuffle – How to

How to with RingShuffle/iNumber : Make Free Temporary Phone Numbers from my Apple iPhone . There are two app that allows iPhone users to Make Temorary Free Phone Number from iOS Devices. iNumber is one of the the service, that generates temporary and disposable Phone Numbers from the iPhone, but iNumber Service is now a Paid Service.

RingShuffle - make Free Temporary Phone Number from your iPhone

RingShuffle iPhone App that allows you to Create/Make Free Temparory Phone Numbers that forward to your iPhone . Using RingShuffle, you can also adjust the expiration period higher or low, but with default it is already set for 7 days. This RingShuffle iOS App will be a very useful app for Selling things and Dating on Craiglist and you will be come up with multiple uses for a Temporary forwarding Number.

What are the Uses of RingShuffle – Apple iTunes

If you are Selling concert tickets? Exploring the singles scene? Get a Shuffle Number from RingShuffle, and say goodbye to annoying calls after you’ve sold the tickets or moved on. You just get an Instantly available, Temorary Shuffle Numbers that allows you to keep your Mobile Number Private.

How to Create a Shuffle Number ?

Select a Shuffle Number with any area code. All calls to your Shuffle Number will automatically forward to your private phone number. The caller will never know your real number.

Make Free Temporary Phone Number with RingShuffle from iPhone

Your Shuffle Number is good for seven days. Simply Shuffle to get a new temporary number and stop receiving calls from the old number. To cancel a Shuffle number, just delete it anytime and it is all for Free of Cost for a limited time.

The RingShuffle company says, that the Standard one-number-at-a-time Service will be always Free, but may be a pay tier that allows simultaneous Numbers to be live. Grab and Download RingShuffle To Make Temorary Number from iPhone (iTunes Link)