Mac OS X Lion Bootable USB Flash Drive – How to Make

How To: Burn your own OS X Lion Install DVD or Flash Drive . For this you must Create/make Mac OS X Lion Bootable USB Flash Drive . Here is the Guide/Tutorial on How to Make Mac Lion Bootable USB Drive and on Burn Lion Install DVD or Flash Drive .

Burn mac Lion on USB Flash Drive

Actually, Grab the Mac OS X Lion 10.7 OS from the Apple App Store, because this OS is avaialbale from that Store only. Apple to Release a USB Version of Mac Lion in August. If you are not going to wait or do not want to pay an extra cost for that USB Flash Drive version, Here are steps to make your own Lion Install DVD or Flash Drive with the Disk Utility or with the Apple Store Installer.

Want to do a clean Installation of Mac OS X Lion or if you want to Install Lion on a Hackintosh, you will need to Install it on some sort of Physical Media, which Apple don’t provide. But, it is very easy to Burn Apple Installer to a DVD or Flash Drive. Thanks to Lifehacker for these Steps:

How To Make OSX Lion Bootable USB Flash Drive

Step 1 : Download OS X Lion from the Mac App Store.

Step 2 : Once downloaded, go to the Applications folder and find the copy of Lion you just downloaded.

Step 3 : Right click on the downloaded file and select “Show Package Contents”.

Step 4 : Go to “Contents” and jump inside the “SharedSupport” folder and you’ll find a file titled “InstallESD.dmg”. Copy this over to the desktop.

Step 5 : Plug in a USB flash drive to your Mac having at least 4GB memory. We highly suggest going ahead with an 8GB one just to be on the safe side.

Step 6 : Now open up “Disk Utility” and drag InstallESD.dmg from the desktop to the left-hand sidebar. Select the attached USB from left side and click on “Partition” tab.

Step 7 : Select “1 Partition” from the Volume Scheme dropdown menu. Choose “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” from the left.

Step 8 : Now click on “Option” at the bottom. Select “GUID Partition Table” and press OK. Now click on Apply at the bottom right to start formatting.. (NOTE: This is will erase all data on your USB flash drive)

Step 9 : Once the drive has been formatted, click on “Restore” (it’s right next to where you clicked on “Partition in Step 5).

Step 10 : Choose USB drive you plugged-in in Step 5 as “Destination” with the InstallESD.dmg file as “Source”.

Step 11 : Click Restore and type in your password. This will create the intended Lion bootable USB flash drive.

Step 12 : Reboot your Mac with the USB drive plugged in. Hold the “Option” key on your keyboard when you hear the iconic OS X startup chime. You can now boot into your Flash drive from there.

Step 13 : Follow the on-screen instructions to install OS X Lion.

Now Follow Steps 12 and 13 to Install Lion on all your Macs.(If USB are not Your Things) You can Follow these Steps on How to Make Mac OS X Lion Bootable DVDs . Via