The New Lumia 830 Specs Leaked: Reportedly To Boast Sleek Aluminum Frame And 1020-Esque Camera and many more [Image]

Yet another time the successor to the Nokia Lumia 820 has been spotted once again in the wild, posing with an aluminum housing and sporting a camera reminiscent of the one found on the Lumia 1020 Windows Phone handset. Full details after this fold!

With the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 on the horizon, the timing may be right for the release of the new Lumia 830 handset. As per a Chinese website powered by Windows Azure, found to support their legitimacy when images alleging to depict a Lumia 830.

This alleged Lumia 830 image dedicates a larger amount of its face to its display, significantly more than 820’s, and also looks as if it could be as large as 4.7-inchs handset. The device appears to be thinner than the prior Lumia 820.

The Lumia 830 device found to be a reinforced by aluminum body and apparently depict a phone with like Lumia 1020’s 41MP PureView camera. With the flat form factor of the 830’s rear makes it unlikely the device will feature a camera on par with that of the Lumia 1020. Although, it’s said that the purported Lumia 830 is expected to fall into the mid-range pricing Windows Phone 8.1 handset range and a camera along the line of the 1020 sports would push the next Nokia Lumia 830 into the high range.

Speculations that surfaced about the Lumia 830 are it’s been slotted into a budget line up of Microsoft Nokia smartphones, along with the ‘Superman’, with both phones falling between the low-end Lumia Rock and top-end Lumia McLaren.


The “Nokia by Microsoft” branding appears on the back of one of the images and absent from the rear-shot of the alleged Lumia 830. More to be cached and covered in!

Stay tuned!