LinkedIn Unveils A Completely New App For iPad, Redesigned With An iOS 7-Inspired Look

About LinkedIn – Launched its first iPad app last year as a social networking website for people in professional occupations, founded in 2002. It’s main agenda to release the LinkedIn app was that to be used for professional networking, available in more than 20 languages and reports more than 225 million active users from more than 200 countries around the world. Now that, LinkedIn has launched a redesigned iPad app with improved feed inteface and better search results and all-in-all with iOS 7-style.

Today, LinkedIn company has revealed its latest version of app for Apple iPad slates. The new app’s changes revolve mostly aside from gaining a kind of card interface that is all the rage in mobile “UI” design these days. Feed now incorporates influencer posts and photos and embedded videos, viewed in all their glory in the feed itself. Full details after this jump!

LinkedIn was quite a bit busy on the iOS app front, and the company has shown off updates for Pulse and LinkedIn for iPad while unveiling LinkedIn Intro for the iPhone.

First of all, an update to the company’s LinkedIn iPad app should be arriving in the iOS App Store temporarily. The app has also been rebuilt from the ground up and offer a new look, a more personalized experience, though. New functionality like search jobs, channels, and influences.

LinkedIn iPad app

Interacting with individual posts (liking, sharing, etc) can now all be done directly from the feed via a horizontal swipe within the post, it reveals your options for those interactions. The company also previewed how it plans to better integrate the Pulse app into the social network’s ecosystem.

Remind you that LinkedIn has acquired the popular news reading app – the Pulse! But it hasn’t done a lot with the property since then.

Using the revamped iPad app, LinkedIn users will be able to login with their detailed information and then receive recommended stories and content from influencers. Additionally, search function has improved, so now users can look for jobs, people, groups and companies from one convenient place.

Best part in this iPad app is it also brings new top-level navigation in the form of a horizontal scrolling that houses customized categories and items that populate based upon users usage. Great! Finally, LinkedIn Intro is an interesting addition to the iPhone mail app.

LinkedIn iPhone App LinkedIn iOS App

The feature that automatically embeds LinkedIn info into emails and shows other things like mutual connections, professional history, and shared experiences et al. LinkedIn Intro can be used with Google Apps, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and Apple iCloud.

You can now download LinkedIn app for iPad and iPhone now, directly from the iOS App Store (iTunes). You can visit the LinkedIn Intro site to get started.