Latest Galaxy S III Press Shot Surfaced, Set For Launch In Coming Month [Image]

Well we know that Samsung is heading to reveal their highly anticipated Galaxy S3 (aka S III) to the public in the future month April or May or Jaune or July. But these rumors and leaked photos, press shots are confusing us with their own rendered imgaes. Apple’s the new iPad has been officially launched and available for almost a week, it is Samsung’s turn to be subjected to the never-ending rumor mill. Specifically, attention is being paid to the Korean giant’s up and coming Samsung Galaxy S III device which will take over from the extremely successful S II model, with Samsung hoping it will fly the flag for the company in the twelve months after launch. Actually, it was originally set to see the preview of the Galaxy S III at the Mobile World Congress last month, but Samsung want’s it to delay that in favor of unifying the global launch of the said device later in this 2012 year.

Few days ago, the newest press shot photo of the Samsung’s Galaxy S III leaked by the sources of Reddit, claiming his friend and doing a recpectable job with Samsung, and just sent an official picture of the new Galaxy S3 along with some great details that we haven’t heard before as rumors.

Recently there was a news about the Samsung’s new Android flagship Galaxy III that will be integrated with the Quad core Exynos Processor, and yesterday the Korea today cite Samsung greater China President Kim Young-Ha saying that the company’s next Android flagship phone, the Galaxy S3, may be moved up by a month, from May to April. Previously said that the Samsung Galaxy S III would be announced some time in May, with the Galasy S3 device going on sale some time in June.

Now with the latest news surfaced on the Galaxy S III, in a line of Samsung Galaxy S3 clues is a press photo provided by a group which claims it is the final straight-on look at the next-generation smartphone. It’s coming from GSM Helpdesk  and looks to have a rather familiar screenshot right up the middle, replicating much of what we remember from the Galaxy S III.

While the Samsung and Android loving world wait patiently to get an official glimpse of the new kid on the block, that hasn’t stopped the world wide web from going speculation crazy and leaking alleged images of the device as well as accompanying those images with purported technical specifications. Another image coming out of the woodwork, which is said to be an official press release render and actually bears a striking resemblance to one of the earlier leaked photographs, seemed to have styling taken directly from the Galaxy S Wi-Fi media player, something which that and this so-called official press render have in common. We need to wait until the official announcement before we can be 100% certain about what the Galaxy S III will bring to the table.

With specifications that show the S III will be more than able to compete if the current market if they turn out to be accurate. If true, the Galaxy S III will feature a 4.7 inch Super AMOLED HD screen which packs in 720p resolution and 331 pixels per inch. The device is also rumored to have a 12 mega-pixel rear camera capable of 1080p video recording  at 60 frames per second with the inclusion of some pretty cool built-in features such as time-lapse and slow motion capabilities.

Samsung’s top executives starting to make noise about the launch of the S III, it looks as though we shouldn’t have to wait to long until we can get our hands on it next coming month.