Larger-Screen iPhone 6 Rumors Continues With 4.9-Inch Display Reportedly Being Field Tested By Apple

According to Chinese site, Apple has started testing a next-generation iPhone prototype with its said 4.9-inch display, along with the iPhone 5c successor posing with a larger-screen. As customers continue to snap up the exclusively recieved iPhone 5s, we are already hearing about the speculations suggesting that the Cupertino isin the progression of field testing the next-gen iPhone. Now that the iPhone 6 rumors began to circulate, with this particular Far East based website going into a fair amount of information about Apple’s current plans and testing schedule for next year’s model. Full detail after this fold!

The claim is somewhat different from one made by Bloomberg earlier this month stating that Apple was developing two new iPhones that would feature curved display at 4.7 and 5.5-inches, but it is likely that the company now is testing various screen sizes as it often does during development cycle.


Time being it has become more consistent part of the consumer technology world to almost on time speculate on the next launch as soon as the current generation device launches.  The website although has an inconsistent success rate when making predictions about the future releases of Apple products, but this published rumors do seem to be accurate with previously posted commentary from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities fame.

Rumors of an iPhone featuring a significantly larger screen have apparently surfaced occasionally throughout the past couple of months, with The Wall Street Journal reporting in July and September that Apple has plans in testing prototype iPhones with screens as large as six inches, and indeed, the report last month from NPD DisplayScreen speculating that the company may release both the 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch iPhones in 2014. Officially speaking, we know next to nothing about the device that we imagine will be released under the iPhone 6 name.


Both Ming-Chi Kuo and the recent C Technology article both seem to agree that next year’s iPhone will feature a larger capacitive touch-screen, but Kuo believes that any future comping iPhone will never breach the 5-inch display mark purely because of Apple’s insistence that the device remains usable in one hand. Whether or not Apple will follow the current market trend of producing smartphones with huge displays or stick to their current 4-inch offering is entirely up for debate,but we feel that the end result will lie somewhere in the middle.

Currently, Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c both features 4-inch Retina displays, when compared to the rival (competitor) like Samsung’s Galaxy S4 that feature a 5″ displays. In addition to today’s rumors we’ve also heard suggestions that the Cupertino company will jump on the curved display bandwagon by building an iPhone with a glass that wraps around the body of the device. Like the Samsung’s Galaxy Round or similar to three-side curved displays.


Still there is time for the iPhone 6 announcement, revealed soon after December 2013, which means it finally be available next year in January or April 2014. Stay tuned! (Source: CTechnology [Google Translate]) (Via RedmondPie)