Know About Latest Gaming Apps In Your Android Mobiles

Gaming apps in Android phones are on a high demand at present. There are plentiful gaming apps that entice people and drive them to an innovative gaming world. These can be downloaded from Google play or android stores. Most of the games are free and hardly any are downloadable.

Here is a list of few latest gaming apps:


Words with friends

It’s a scrabble like game, a product from Zynga. You can challenge your friends in this head-to-head word play as the Android platform (iPhones or iPads) from which your friends are playing is not mattered. Since it’s a free app, many people around grin to play it.

Open Sudoku

This is a new form where the users can install the packs of new puzzles spawned by Sudoku creators. There’s a sought of excitement playing this awe-spiring game. It’s very thought-provoking. You can enjoy incredibly once you start moving up the next levels.

Angry Birds

It’s an amazing and a prevalent iOS game moved to Android a while in the past. It grossed over 2million downloads in the course of the first weekend when it’s released in the Android market. It’s a free app for Android mobiles, which made all the users busy in playing this game. The fact is that, with the launch of the angry bird came in the android mobiles, the demand raised drastically for the Android mobile phones. It meets all the bylaws of current sales.

Replica Island

It’s a very elegant game that jerks the surprise result of being playable on an Android track (ball) orb. The heavy thrust of the character mean that you’re only changing way with the ball or d-pad that lets you speed throughout the levels without much effort.


Though it’s a standard gem-shuffling game, it creates oomph among the game lovers as the existing versions of this game flabbergasted the users featuring a Nintendo badge with an asking price. Reports state that bebbled is soon going to morph into an amazingly complex experiment.


This is one of the most interesting games played by many people. Here, your job is to shift pairs of coloured gems to make larger sets which then disappear. As the no. of pairs you make the double is the score depending on the no. of combinations you create. The interesting thing about jewels is its dimensions and appearance.

Gem Miner

This is a great game, can be played well on the Android limited control pointer. Here, you are a type of spy character that likes to excavation stuffs out of the ground. The game itself has you micro-regulating the raw resources you find, raising your digging supremacies and obtaining sophisticated and better tools and charts.

It’s a proven strategy that, playing games improve IQ (concentration) levels. So, go childish and start playing games often you get time. It isn’t an off beam thing to turn crazy sometimes. No matter if you are in bad debt situation, take a cash loan UK and purchase an Android phone and you feel hassle-free on experiencing the new gaming features.

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