Know About Alienware X51 Mini HD Gaming Computer

What is One of the famous gaming PC, do you identify yourself as a PC gamer? And prefer consoles? Alienware would be the answer.With notable exceptions, today’s top games are built for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, and unless you can’t live without the likes of Mario, Solid Snake or Master Chief, you’ll likely pick based on the controller you prefer, graphical fidelity, and the distance you sit from your screen. Inevitably, tradeoffs have to be made. Today we will talk about the sleek peak of Alienware X51, usually render games at true 1080p, and typically bulky and huge gaming PCs.

Back in February, Alienware  had launched the Alienware X51. Unlike most Alienware systems, the X51 is pretty sleek. Dell had invited couple of bloggers to experience the X51 Gaming PC. Alienware x51 is quite different from the existing Alienware systems. This black tower packs full-size gaming PC components into a chassis only marginally bigger than an original PlayStation 3 — theoretically slotting in alongside your home theatre components to let you play the latest PC games on your TV.

Alienware claims that x51 can be easily upgradable with off-the-shelf components, and the basic model starts at just $699. The Alienware X51 is a pastiche of the video game consoles it hopes to complement. The hefty 12-pound case has matte, rounded black sides that hearken back to the Xbox 360 Elite, molded diagonally much like the Xbox 360 S, with the shiny center is all original PS3, with a similar glossy, dust-attracting blackj plastic, slot-loading optical drive.

However, the X51 requires just a single screw to be removed to give you access to the inside. The first thing that hits you when you open the case is the complete lack of a Power Supply Unit. Power Supply Units, or PSU/SMPS as it’s commonly known as, is one of the most critical components of a computer, responsible for ensuring that all components in your computer get clean ripple-free, power.

The latest Alienware at 13.5 inches high, 12.5 inches deep and 3.7 inches wide, it’s oh-so-slightly bulkier than a game console — and a good bit heavier, to boot — but the X51 makes up for it on the connectivity front with as many ports as desktop PCs twice its size. The front panel has a pair of USB 2.0 ports alongside microphone and headphone jacks, and the back sports not only a dedicated HDMI 1.4 jack, four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 sockets, Gigabit Ethernet, and a full 3.5mm surround sound jack set, without any SD card slot. Both digital optical and coaxial SPDIF audio outputs to interface with most any kind of sound system you might have. In addition to 802.11n Wi-Fi, twin DVI video outputs and mini-HDMI on the rear of the graphics card.

the Alienware X51 is one of the first computers to use the desktop version of Nvidia’s Optimus graphics switching technology. Which means that the computer attemt to save power as well as by suing the onboard intel graphics when possible. also get all the power of that dedicated NVIDIA GPU through the full-size HDMI port, without having to use a special cable or adapter to connect your TV to the graphics card’s DVI and mini-HDMI outputs.

It’s also HDMI 1.4, which means that stereoscopic 3D gaming is also technically possible if you’ve got a 3DTV and compatible software. The Alienware X51 can be configured and ordered online as well as at Dell Exclusive Stores.