Kindle Fire 2nd In Tablet Race For Most Units Sold So Far

As per the information from the research firm IHC Inc, the Amazon’s Kindle Fire is now rised to second place in the Android tablet race. The device, which is low in the price and have elite features in comparision with other tablets is the most sought after one since its release in 2011.

Now the Kindle Fire, with it’s massive growing sales in tablets market, leapt ahead over to Samsung in the last quarter.

After the number of 11% share in the third quarter, Samsung slipped to 8% share with the sale of 2.14 units in the last quarter and stood in the third position whereas the Kindle Fire sold a total of 3.89 million units for a 13% share and jumped to second spot. The first in the race is Apple’s tablet (iPad) with massive 62% share after selling 15.4 million units.

Shall we hope that the Android powered Kindle Fire will beat the Apple’s iPad in tablets race in coming future?