JailbreakMe.com Domain For Sale – Bid Starts from $2500

Comex’s JailbreakMe.com Domain ( iPad 2 Jailbreak Tool) – Reports surfaced on the web, that this JailbreakMe.com Domain, which is owned by Comex is now up for sale. What Could This Mean For Comex’s iPad 2 Jailbreak Tool?

Actually, this was started when the JailbreakMe 3.0 Beta an iPad 2 Jailbreak was leaked and that is why it appears that this Domain  called JailbreakMe.com is up for Auction.

According to the Reports from Jaden Ellet of iJailbreak who spotted that JailbreakMe.com is up for sale at an Auction on Domain Registration and Web Hosting website called “GoDaddy.com”. But, the quick look at the WHOIS Information for this Dowmain reveals no information about who Owns this Domain.

So, we are here to know that Comex is not the owner of this JailbreakMe.co Domain, that original owner reportedly allowed Comex to use for his popular Jailbreak Tool that Jailbreaks iOS 4.0.

What Comex Tweeted about this: Comex has tweeted to confirm that he, in fact, doesn’t own the domain and that he isn’t the one who put it up on GoDaddy.

The Auction price is $2500 with the Current appraised value of $316.50 and there are 12Days and 12 Hours left before the Auction Closes, and that is 16th July is the last day, so you can bid.