Ac1dSn0w Beta 2 Jailbreak Now Available For Download, Fixes Copyright Issues

The Pwn Dev Team has released the second beta version a major update to their jailbreak tool “Ac1dsn0w” is now available for download. The first version had to be removed from distribution due to a legal issues in its coding.

With the update, you now have a new option for jailbreaking an Apple device running on iOS 5 and 5.0.1 on a Mac running OS X Lion or Sn0w Leopard. The Following Apple branded devices are capable with the utility:

* iPhone 3GS
* iPhone 4
* iPad 1
* iPod touch (4th Gen)

The steps in the jailbreaking procedure are identical using the first beta, but we’ll cover them here as well.

First Read the whole tutorial, reading each step carefully. Skipping a step or not following the detailed instructions may harm your device. As usual, proceed at your own risk. Keep in mind, the utility is still in an early development satge.

After completing the tutorial will result in a tethered jailbroken device. This means your iPhone will not work if it’s restarted or shut down. If you run out of battery, or restart after installing any app, you’ll have to go through the tethered boot process again to reboot your iPhone. It is not an untethered jailbreak, we’ll cover it later.

Before we start,clear all your work area and make sure your computer is plugged into a power source and your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is near. You’ll also needing an Apple compatible USB syncing cable.

Continue to Next, download the following file:

Ac1dsn0w Beta 2 for Mac (Download link).

Step 1 : Connect iOS device to your Mac via the 30-pin USB connector.

Step 2 : Power off your device completely.

Step 3 : Just click on Show Assistant and follow the Instruction (on-screen) on how to enter DFU mode.

Step 4: Once in DFU mode, now click on the Jailbreak button. Don’t panic, it might take a while, once complete, you device will now reboot and will boot into jailbroken state.

These steps will be required when restarting a jailbroken device. The process will be called a tethered-boot.

Step 5 : Place your device into DFU mode.

Step 6 : Simply click on Tethered Boot option.

After the final step, you will have a jailbroken device with Cydia installed. Optionally, you can install “SemiTether” package from Cydia’s BigBoss repo: to get semi-tethered jailbreak working on  your supported iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

I mentioned previously, for the next Ac1dsn0w update, the developers promise more features, includes the ability to jailbreak remotely.

Here you can get the other methods to jailbreak your iOS device running on iOS 5.x. For jailbreaking iOS 5 tethered using Redsn0w, you can follow our full step-by-step guide posted here, or here if you want to sue Sn0wbreeze on Windows. However, jailbreak on iOS 5 is still limited to tethered boot only, you can install ‘SemiTether‘ patch (instructions here) from Cydia to make your jailbreak semi-tethered on iOS 5. Those who are on iOS 5.0.1 can follow our instructions posted here on how to jailbreak using Redsn0w or here using Sn0wbreeze.