iWork For iCloud Beta Launches To Everyone, Only Needs An Apple ID

Apple in its own way testing all the betas at the moment which happens to internally handle all those pre-release bundles and keeping everything in check is fairly proving pretty easy for the company whizzes as they have now opened the doors of iWorks for iCloud beta to any productivity loving individual who happens to have a valid / registered Apple ID.

In fact the services at first were previously only available to developers and then some selected ones who received invitations, and now beta of iWorks is available to all user who have a valid Apple ID.


It was unveiled as a web version of the iWork utilities package back in June of this year, just after the opening of this 2013’s WWDC event. Apple has immediately made it available only for those who had access to developer accounts, then the Cupertino later starting to send invitations out to a bunch of pre-selected individuals. Obviously the company were facing problems with the web-ware and now feels comfortable to give access to each and everyone and rolled out to public.


iCloud users who log into their accounts on Friday will find the accessible beta versions of Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Upon choosing one of those web applications, they’ll have free access to the productivity suite the “iWorks”, to create everything from presentations to spreadsheets all together.

Although the existence of the web based iWork collection of apps has managed to slip under the hood of people’s radars, but it worth bearing in mind that all of Apple’s App Store based iWork packages are chargeable. Due to their costs, users overlooked to access, but now, with this open access beta representing the first time had a number of users have actually used the Apple productivity software.


Previously, Apple offered iWork beta for iCloud to developers, and the company quietly tested out the web hasted service with some kind of invites. It appears that the apps are available to anyone on iCloud. Platforn now available as a public beta, and no idea about when it will come out of beta stage.

Here’s yet another added benefit of iWork for iCloud and that’s the fact that Windows users can also now use their Apple ID to get access to the tools. In the past it was only available for Mac and iOS users.

To test it out which is the cloud based iWork suite? Just head over to the iCloud website by pointing your web browser to: iCloud.com and sign in with your Apple ID.