Apple Adds iTunes Match Toggle to iOS 5 – Suggests Near Launch

Apple has launched iOS 5 and iCloud last week, and already added (Shows Up)  iTunes Match Toggle to the Music Section of the Settings app in iOS 5 , suggesting as the Public Launch is near.To Enable iTunes Match Toggle in iOS 5 , Prompts to Signup using iTunes. Only Possible with iTunes 10.5.1 which is a developer only Release.

iTunes Match with iCloud Music Soon

Apple said that iTunes Match Launch in the U.S.A, by the end of this Month. The toggle now appears to have returned for developers and is visible to the general public as well. MacRumors notes that a “coming soon” flag is showing for users in a number of other countries as well; including, Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

iTunes Match iOS 5 Toggle Shows Up - Early Launch

iTunes Match will let you Store your Entire Music Collection, Including Music, that you have imported from CDs or Purchased somewhere other Than iTunes at $24.99 a Year of Charge.

iTunes Match Toggle added to iOS 5 Alert

Non-developers turning on iTunes Match on their devices will not yet be able to sign up for the $24.99/year service, as iOS 5 pops up an alert instructing users to sign up through iTunes.