iSheetMusic Apps for iOS Users Provide Extensive Sheet Music Library

Grab iSheetMusic Apps for iPhone, iPad/iPod Touch iOS users – This is a new application for iOS Users to bring Sheet Music to life on iOS Devices and that’s called “iSheetMusic”, looking to revolutionize the sheet music Industry with the launch of its free iOS App, which uses true note Technology.

iSheetMusic Arrives

Sheet Music With the unparalled Access to the most extensive Digital Musical Libraries, that are available, the creators of this iSheetMusic have partnered with the largest Sheet Music Publishers in the world to provide users with a continually growing library.

Actually, this iSheetMusic is a new standard in transporting and playing digital sheet music comes to life on iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, so that you can Play any Song Anytime/AnyWhere. According to Arne Ellas :

“As a musician who has gone through every part of the music industry – with the exception of the fame thing – I think you’ve got something that’s going to appeal to every level of musician, including those who can’t read music but want lyrics, chords and perhaps some notes to guide them.”

iSheetMusic for iOS Features :

1. Dynamic Display –

iSheetMusic Dynamic Display Small Feature

This iShhetMusic True note Technology optimizes sheet music for the smaller screen of the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch with Full Rotation Offered and also supports pinch and zoom, so that you can easily resize and rescale.

2. Automatic Page Turning –

iSheetMusic Full Rotation - Automatically Feature

While using this iSheetMusic, keeps tracks of where you are in a song and then automatically turns the page for us, so that we can simply focus on Playing the Music that we Love.

3. Internal Metronome –

iSheetMusic Metronome

We can also set the Tempo on any Song and where the Internal Metronome will count you into the song, so that you can keep the beat while you are Play and that can be visually showed where you are in the Listening Song.

4. Unparalled Access to the Licensed Content –

iSheetMusic Licensed Content

Partnering with the largest sheet music publishers in the world to ensure that you have access to a huge digital library of legal, licensed content.

Watch This Video: Introduction of iSheetMusic