Is This The 5.5-inch Gold iPhone 6 Compared To 4.7-inch Model In A New Set Of Photos

Just yesterday we’ve published a leaked photograph of the highly-anticipated iPhone 6 captured beside the Samsung Galaxy S5 and through mockups that was not the first time, but we’re fairly sure as to the device’s eventual form factor and it’s always difficult to establish what reported information is fake and what is perhaps a spin on the actual truth.


In fact it’s done with the Cupertino’s smartphone, it is all set for a significant overhaul this time around. With larger, faster and smarter 4.7-inch display packed into a device with thinner bezels and an iPad touch-esque rear shell. As mentioned in our previous leaks, sides are said to house the power button positioned on the right panel of the device, instead on the top panel seen on current iPhone models. Relocated to the vicinity of the volume rockers, which sjould apparently help the average hand-span access the sleep / wake functionality with minimal fuss and include a slightly modified volume buttons as well.

Now, Sonny Dickson – one of the best person in grabbing and reporting about some accurate leaks, has released a snap on Twitter of what is claimed to be a genuine image of the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 in white and gold.

While both the 4.7-inch model alongside according to many reports, a 5.5″ iPhone 6 variant size options will be announced at the same event, and also reckoned that the larger edition will be a subject to delays. Regarding the display and the battery of the 5.5″ model, Apple is somewhat having trouble with, so the smaller 4.7″ handset will legitimately release in September, and those who waiting for a bigger phablet have to wait until later this year.

The case makers have already been hard at work in producing protective shells for the iPhone 6 in order to beat competitors in the smartphone and phablet war.


And the new iPhone 6 is also expected to offer an improved rear-facing camera, faster A8 processor with optimized graphics, and the just announced iOS 8 software. September is a release bracket, and hoping that Apple’s announcement will make some new wonders.

Stay tuned to Grabi so that we can share some new reports regarding what’s next from Apple and will throw up a few more nuggets of info as well.

(Source: Sonny Dickson [Twitter])

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