Is This Google’s Next Google Nexus Tablet? [Image]

Recent reports surfaced on the Google’s upcoming Galaxy Nexus tablet, which we had been hearing about an alleged Nexus-range tablet by ASUS. Google earlier this month had chosen Asus to produce their upcoming “Nexus Tablet”, while these reports came directly from the DigiTimes, who also said the 7-inch tablet could land as early as May 2012. The arrival of Android Nexus tablet would be the hottest rumor of the month April so we are here to tell you about the tablet, what’s new in that Nexus and when its been released.

Here’s the a newly leaked image that claims to be of the unannounced Google Nexus tablet. Sporting a clean, black look, the G tablet looks great, whether it would take on the iPad or not. For that detailed information, you have to read the full story.

This news comes from the senior employee at a supply chain company based in the United States, who wish to remain anonymous. According to an Android insider, “It’s a done deal,” said the supply chain source. We have already heard countless rumors that Google was working on “a tablet of the highest quality,” and this latest report give us further confidence it’s going to happen.

Followed the same rumor also calims that the target price has been lowered to $149 and that the quad-core Tegra 3 processor is out, and he assumes these tow bits are related. Part of Google’s tablet master plan is said to be the fabled Nexus tablet which, if rumors are true, will be made for the search giant by either ASUS or Samsung. With Samsung having already produced two Nexus smartphones, our money is on them once again.

ASUS has a strong relationship with Qualcomm, so we might see a Snapdragon processor end up inside this “Galaxy tablet.” But the source called this device the “Nexus tablet.” What would be the final product name, that we don’t have, and which isn’t yet revealed.

Rumors also suggest that Google will sell the tablet direct to customers, as it did with the original Android device, the T-Mobile G1. Little is known of that Nexus tablet, but a new image which has appeared today may just give is an insight into what Google has in store for us.

Sources say it will ship with the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich, but if this is truly a Nexus device it might become the flagship platform for the next version of Android, codenamed Jelly Bean. More information on Jelly Bean is expected to be revealed at Google IO on June 27-29th.

Stay tuned to Grabi so that we can push some updated information on this new Nexu tablet, until then see the shots, which points to the device would be true and well Google is interested in tablet space this year with its Nexus tablet or called to be Nexus Play.