Is Motorola Reportedly Working On A 5.9″ Nexus Smartphone

Contention seen over the past few months about whether there will be yet another Nexus handset or not. Reason behind this was Google, rumored to drop this project, and apparently focusing on Android Silver, which will incorporate a few devices from more manufacturers than one. That is said to take shape early next year. Guess what!

New another new buzz claims that there could be the next Nexus phone, and it will be launching in November this year? Interesting thing here is, Motorola as per the report, going to make it alive. Its codename is Shamu (a killer whale), which fits with the sea creature theme that Google has used so far to assign codenames to Nexus devices.

Motorola working with Google on a possible 5.9-Inch Nexus phone, codenamed "Shamu"In fact a product with that codename is in active development and has been confirmed though. By the filing of a bug which references it in Google’s issue tracker. While Android Police has also got another source file that talked about it either, saying that it will be targeted at US carriers, alongside in other parts of the world (which yet unnamed).

How confident are we about a new Nexus smartphone? It’s said that the program was dead in favor of an upcoming Android Silver initiative. But with the revelation that HTC is reportedly working on a 9″ Nexus tablet (codenamed Volantis), we can admire that that at least one more Nexus device in store – expected to launch with Android L flavor this fall.

Note: During an interview at Google I/O, Dave Bruke appeared to confirm that Google was still invested in the Nexus program, suggesting that there might be another Nexus phone coming this fall.

Motorola X+1 phone including full-on hardware shots of the device prototype suspected to be a phone, can be expected to be working on another device. Codenamed Shamu! Indeed to be a Nexus phone.

The phone ‘Shamu” is supposed to carry a sizable 5.9″ touchscreen display of unknown resolution, which could make it bigger Nexus handset ever. Speaking about bigger sized smartphones, aka phablets have been growing sales at a very fast pace lately, so making one part of the Nexus program makes sense. Could launched as the Nexus 6!

The Shamu will interestingly feature a fingerprint scanner, but where it will be placed is still a mystery for now. It will also allegedly be targeted for a November release, and what would be the time frame is as always not something to place bets. Which can change pretty quickly depending on a variety of factors.

Finally, Shamu will definitely materialize as a Nexus phone this fall, we can make an educated assertion. Referring to Android’s L release, the device is currently running a Google-built kernal, which in fact not an established pattern for non-Nexus devices.

If the aforementioned details becomes accurate then the 5.9″ Nexus 6 (Shamu) may be unveiled by Google alongside the rumored HTC Volantis 9″ Nexus tablet, both running Android L when finally released.

Stay tuned!