iPod Nano Touch Concept To Bring FaceTime Calls And Wi-Fi To Smarter Device [Images]

What was my first portable music instrument in 2009? Yes! you are right, the most popular iPod has become my first one to die for. Still its the worlds number one music player which retailing in good numbers when compared to people looking for a standalone music player, instead of preferring their smartphone’s inbuilt music player. Apart this!

We have been seeing the concept designs surfacing on the web, preferring to dream up the next iPhone or iPad than concentrate on the portable music player “iPod” range. Today we have one for the said player.

Presenting the iPod Nano Touch Concept: Extended and Smarter! The concept includes juicy features like WiFi, front facing camera that enables Facetime calls, weather status, ability to record Nike+ exercise results, classic apps like time, music, radio, images & podcasts.

Enrico Penello came up with a device which pays homage to many of the good features we’ve been seeing from various iPods over the last few years. He designed the new iPod Nano Touch concept, and speaking of his creation, Enrico explains:

“this concept shows a bigger clip on the back side, a lower black part containing the WiFi antenna, central home button, side volume buttons and on/off top button, making this device really close to our everyday iPhone”

This looks much like an iPhone 4S chopped in half, with a belt clip added to the back. Although it does look aesthetically nice, we cannot help but wonder about the practicality of the narrow screen – particularly when it comes to FaceTime calls.

If this iPod Nano concept which extended for smaller devices that brings FaceTime calls and WiFi  to a rather insanely small device would be your future music player. But with the market moving away from digital music players as individual products, there will come a time when Apple needn’t continue selling as many iPods as it currently does and its too late! Via