iPhone Users Get Free 30GB Of OneDrive Storage From Microsoft, Here’s How To [Tutorial]

Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have finally in pre-ordered hands, released as well for those buying iot from the iStore retail stores. Apple’s bank balance, market share and ecosystem rises now, gets some benefits from those rivaling the Cupertino company. It’s said and confirmed that Apple planning to roll out iCloud Drive completely along with the OS X 10.10 Yosemite in the coming days. The battle of the cloud storage services has a fairly initiated, and for iPhone users awaited iCloud Drive’s big offering, the rival Microsoft has thrown a ball to point consumers in the direction of OneDrive. Talking about it below!


For iPhone owners, in what the Xbox maker describes as “a limited time offer” – one that will end before October’s iCloud Drive launch – iOS 8 owners can enjoy 30GB of storage for free of charge, with 15GB of basic space allied to 15GB “camera roll bonus.”

The deal however isn’t just specific for those on iPhone, and the timing of the bonus storage offer and the delivery of the blog post suggest that this is very much a ploy to woo those who’ve just bought a shiny new iPhone. Point to be noted here is that, the article over at the official OneDrive blog, the deal “also applies to anyone who already uses the OneDrive camera roll on Windows Phone, Android and Windows,” meaning that all of those posing with the smartphones, tablets and phablets are invited to the party.

If you are an iPhone user and want to grab the offering of the mammoth 30GB of free storage – more liberal that anything you’re ever likely to be offered by Apple without a fee – then, go grab it and take full advantage in a simple way. In signing up for OneDrive, activate the auto upload feature for camera roll between now and end of the month. You will then receive a 15GB camera roll bonus, which isn’t a bad little bonus for following a really basic sign-up process.

Note: If you’re not yet sure about using OneDrive in the long run, then it’s well worth securing your extra space in the event that you decide to switch loyalty in the future run.

screen568x568Currently, your 30GB can be activated on any platform, so grab your camera roll bonus and enjoy a huge, and most importantly free amount of storage through Microsoft’s OneDrive storage channel.